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Macadamia Oil Extract Body Butter



I’m quite particular when it comes to moisturising my body. I always use a body butter and when you don’t live close to a Body Shop they aren’t as easy to come by. I found this in a bargain shop in our shopping centre for €2 and it’s the best €2 I’ve spent in a long time.

This body butter is part of their macadamia oil extract range which I have been enjoying. It says it “revitalises, nourishes and hydrates” the skin and it does. It’s the quality of a body shop body butter but a fraction of the cost.

I slather it on every evening and after my shower and it’s so thick and luxurious you wouldn’t think it was as cheap as it is. My skin drinks this stuff up and it hydrates it and keeps it hydrated something I was struggling to find I other body butters. It softens knees and elbows amazingly which I need.

The consistency is thick, so a little goes a long way and I’ve been using this every day for three weeks now. It’s so nice to lather into your skin and when you leave it that little bit not rubbed it, when it soaks in it’s even better. Your skin is left smooth and hydrated.

The scent is amazing. It smells kind of exotic, it reminds me of going on holidays and it lingers on the skin for a bit, but isn’t too overpowering so when you’re putting on perfume it’s just a subtle under scent.

I need to stock up on more of these body butters soon!

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Tesco Body Butter





When my Dove body cream ran out I knew I needed some form of body butter because my skin just isn’t as hydrated when I use a cream or lotion. I don’t live close enough to a Body Shop or a Boots that sells body butters, unless our Boots just wasn’t stocked well that day. I took my needs over to a Tesco where I stumbled upon their own branded body butter. I wouldn’t ever use a product just because it’s an own brand so I was happy to pop it into my basket.

It cost me €3 from what I can remember, I tried to find the link online but I couldn’t! It’s a nice sized tub and you get 200ml so it’s a good price.

It’s not the nicest of packaging but that’s okay! The stickers will probably curl off at the edges soon but that’s just what well have to deal with!

It contains cocoa butter, shea butter and also vitamin e which are amazing for your skin. I like when body butters have cocoa and shea butter combined – my skin seems to drink it up.

The description says: Tesco moisturising body butter is a rich, luxurious creme that will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and intensively moisturised. To use you just apply liberally all over your body, preferably after your shower. I try to use this both morning and night but sometimes that doesn’t work out! I just rub it all over and leave it to sink in fully. I like to apply a bit extra to my elbows and knees which get really dry!

The scent is nice and light, it’s not overpowering at all. It lingers on my skin a bit, but as I said it stays really subtle. The consistency is lovely. It’s not too thick that it feels like you’ll never get it absorbed, but not too thin that it doesn’t feel hydrating.

Overall this is a really good body butter and I’d be happy to repurchase it!

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Butter Yourself*





I know I the bottle has seen better days but I’ll explain why it’s a mess!

I got this body moisturiser in my Yule Monty gift set at Christmas and I didn’t really use it. I much prefer body butters because my skin gets really dry and I feel they keep it hydrated a lot longer than a moisturiser. When I ran out of my stash of body butters I decided I’d give my Butter Yourself* ago since I adored the Righteous Butter.

From the beginning, my pump never worked. Ever. It didn’t pump out anything and if it did, it always got clogged. No matter how many times I washed it out with hot water, it would work. So to use it, I had to squeeze it out of the bottle, which at times, wasn’t exactly easy to do. That is why the labels a mess and the bottles all crinkly.

In to the product inside the bottle, it was okay. It moisturised my skin well, but I did have to apply it generously morning. And night to get the same hydration of any body butter. It takes a while to sink in, even when the layers aren’t thick so you do need to hang about in your undies waiting for it to dry.

The consistency is nice. It spreads well and is really light. The scent is amazing, but I haven’t come across and Soap and Glory products that haven’t! It has cocoa butter and moringa and smells really fresh.

You can get it from Boots here for €14

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Nivea Regenerating Night Cream





I had recently switched up my night cream because I couldn’t find my beloved Johnsons oil controlling night gel anywhere. I stumbled across this little beauty in Tesco’s and it was on sale for around €3-4, which is a bargain.

The cream is just amazing. I think I have found a new holy grail product.

I had always been afraid to use a thicker consistency moisturiser because my skin was so oily and crap for so long. I thought I had to use products specifically for my problems. This cream is so thick it feels really luxurious on your skin. I like to apply it and pat it in almost all of the way and let the rest sink into my skin. I don’t know why, it just feels so good.

A little bit really goes a long way with this cream. The consistency is great because it’s thick, but it still spread so smoothly and seamlessly. It doesn’t take too long for your skin to absorb it. My skin has just been drinking it up. It does have a scent, however it’s really light and doesn’t linger at all on your face.

Don’t be afraid if you have oily skin to give it a go. It hasn’t made my skin oily at all, and it doesn’t leave an oily or greasy residue on my skin. In fact, if I had blemishes over the past month, this has helped heal them so well because it prevented my skin from going dry or flaky around the blemish which I always suffered with.

When you wake up in the morning your skin is so freaking soft it’s really amazing. My make up has gone on so much smoother since I began using this.

I’m so impressed with this cream as you can tell!

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Boots Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll On




When my last eye cream ran out, I was in a bit of a pickle. I didn’t live close to anywhere which sold Benefit, so I decided to pop into Boots to see what they had. I like to have something. To brighten up my eyes because I do get dark circles. I don’t particularly get puffiness so I decided to try out this Boots Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll On in All Bright I had tried the cream cleanser from this brand previously and really enjoyed it.

I got this on sale and it was €6.74 and yourse saving almost half price because usually it’s around €13. It’s also still on sale herehere

Now I have to say I much prefer It’s Potent because I feel is does a better job at prolonging the brightening effect the cream gives. It helps to reduce the dark circles significantly. The roll on is quite good, but it just doesn’t have that same effect.

It doesn’t brighten my dark circles as much as I want it to, but that also depends on how bad they are. If they’re not too bad it brightens them well enough, but on most days it just does an okay job.

The consistency is lovely. It’s really light but it does take a few minutes to sink into your skin. It doesn’t feel heavy around your eyes whatsoever and when it sinks in it feels so soft and refreshed. The metal ball applicator would help with puffiness, but as I said before I don’t particularly suffer with that. It feels lovely on your skin in the early mornings because it helps you to wake up a. It. Or that’s probably just me.

Anyway, I would repurchase it if I was stuck again and I will use it all up, but it think I’ll have to go back to Benefit or try another brightening eye cream.

Do you guys have a favourite eye cream?

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May Favourites


As my laptop is still MIA and I have been feeling really guilty neglecting my blog, I’ve decided to just use my iPad even though I much prefer my laptop. To get back into the swing of things I decided to show you guys my May Favourites.

My new Yankee Candle* needed to be included because it’s amazing. It’s the Turquoise Sky one, and my boyfriend bought it as a gift for me. It’s so hard to describe the scent of this. It’s so fresh and uplifting and reminds me of going on holidays. I don’t know if that’s because of the picture of the beach on the label though!

The Boots All Bright Gentle Cleansing Cream has been so lovely to use on my skin. I use it in the evenings to remove make up, and if I’m not wearing make up just to give my skin that extra cleanse. It feels lovely to use, has no greasy residue and has brightened and perked up my skin a lot since I began using it!

All month, bar one or two days I’ve used my Tommy Girl scent. I adore this perfume. I had it when I was younger and I bought it for myself around two years ago. It’s so sweet and florals, and definitely not for everyone but I think it’s the perfect Summer scent.

I changed my night time moisturiser because I couldn’t find my beloved Johnsons night oil controlling gel. I bought this Nivea Regenerating Night Cream and I love it. It’s much thicker than I’m used to putting on my face. When you wake up your skin is so soft and it has actually helped me control my skin, because it has stopped any blemishes I had from going all dry, flaky and disgusting on my face so bonus points for that!

Benefit’s Hoola* bronzer made it’s way back into my make up bag this month. I got this in a mini Benefit set at Christmas and it’s so cute and tiny! I’ve just wanted to be a bit more bronzed and I have been trying contouring which I haven’t got the hang of just yet but I’m sure I will soon!

These Derma V10 Nose Pore Strips are the best I’ve ever tried. I got them in a shop called Dealz and they were only €1.49, which is amazing because usually they’re €6-8 a packet! They really adhere to the skin and pull out every single blackhead, I love em!

Finally my new Skechershave been feeling the love is month and they are seriously the most comfortable runners I have ever owned! I down the Mini Marathon on Monday and my feet didn’t even hurt afterwards wearing these!

That’s all for my favourites guys, what have you been loving this month?

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!


A wee haul – Primark,H&M,Boots and more..

I have been doing a little bit of shopping lately, and decided t share with you guys what I got. Nothing is actually too exciting, I’ve repurchased a lot of toiletries that have run out on me. I hate when this happens, and it does to me all at once.

I first bought some new Skechers. I was in desperate need of some new runners for training in because I shrunk my old ones. How I hear you ask, because I didn’t know that the tumble dryer worked on the washer/dryer and that’s how. I really liked this grey and blue pair and they also have a bit of pink which is my favourite colour. They’re Agility Rewind trainers and with my 10% student discount they were a very reasonable 45Euro.


I took a trip to H&M because I always see black items of clothing in their store. I didn’t actually see much this trip but I did manage to get two tops and a cardigan. As it’s the Summer I wanted to get a light cardigan and I found a super light one here. It is long and has long sleeves, but when you’re wearing it, it feels like you’ve not got one on. This was 9.95E. I got a really light t-shirt that will be kind of loose and has a small pocket. I have no black t-shirts and thought that this would go well with both jeans and skirts, this was 7.95E. The other top I bought was this three quarter sleeved top, it’s nothing particularly special, this was also 7.95E.

Excuse the blurry and bad pictures I don’t know why I didn’t rotate these?


In Penneys, sticking with the clothes side of the haul, I bought this black skater dress. It’s so summery and light and I thought it would be perfect for any days that were too hot. It’s not revealing at all on the top and it has t-shirt kind of sleeves which I was looking out for. This was a whopping 7Euro! I also bought some black super skinny jeans. The size smaller didn’t fit and I’m afraid these ones will be swimming on me, I still haven’t tried them on I’m just believing in myself. These were only 8Euro. I also bought some black ballerina pumps because I realised I had no black shoes. They have cute rose gold metal aglets and are quite comfortable, these were only 5Euro.


I also bought staples in Penneys which are socks. I got plain coloured ‘regular’ socks for 2.50Euro but I also bought these amazing DC ankle socks for 3.50Euro. I’m a huge fan of DC comics so I had to have these. There were some Batman ones but I’ve worn those! I also bought some black tights which were 3 airs for 4.00Euro.



Now onto beauty, I bought this two pack of Sure deodorant in Penneys for 4Euro because they’re perfect for throwing in your handbag and for top ups throughout the day if you feel it necessary. I usually use roll on deodorant but it’s so much quicker to spray these when you’re out and you don’t have to wait for your pits to dry. Classy.


Hair products I bought were just two repurchases. I got the Batiste Light and Blonde dry shampoo which I love! It’s only 4Euro in my local pharmacy s it’s the same price as the regular one in Tesco! I also got the Guardian Angel Heat Protectant which I also love. This was only 3.49 Euro which is great value. They work well for me and I don’t think I’ll be changing them up any time soon.


For my body I repurchased the Nivea Firming Oil. As I said in my last empties post I don’t use this for toning or firming I use it to get rid of my stretch marks which I got throughout puberty. It works really well and my stretch marks have faded significantly but I’m in the habit of using it now, and it leaves my skin so soft! It can be expensive in some places but I bought it for around 4Euro in Tesco. I bought a new bod cream and this is the Dove Purely Pampering one with shea butter and warm vanilla. It smells amazing and I got this on sale in boots for around 3.50 Euro, such a bargain!


I really like having stuff to clean my hands in my handbag, some people think it’s weird! H&M have brought out new mini wipes for your face and hands and I have tried two of the other scents but I decided to try these ones this time! I bot the Fresh Vanilla scent which is amazing! I also got the Bamboo Orchid scent which is good too. The wipes are 95cents each. I also got the antibacterial hand gel from Penneys. Unlike others, this smells so good, almost fruity and sinks into the skin instantly. It’s good for when they’re no soap in the bathroom, or you’re dealing with money a lot. The gel is 1 Euro.


I did buy some face products and I got this Nivea Regenerating Night cream to try from Tesco for around 3.60Euro. I bought standard cotton pads for 65 cents. I also needed a new eye cream for my dark circles and went with this Boots Botanics All bright eye roll on. It was on sale for 6 something in Boots. I also bought these three facemasks. One is a peppermint, another chocolate and orange and then lastly olive oil and shea butter.


And lastly, some make-up! I got this Natural Beeswax Lipbalm in Penneys because they’re amazing and work really well, this was 1.50Euro. I also got two products from the Barry M Gelly Range because they were 2 for 10Euro in Boots. I got the polish in Guava and then the red coloured lip product also. I was in desperate need of a primer and I decided to try this Catrice Prime and Fine which was around 4.50Euro.



Thanks for reading my super long post, you;re a saint if you stuck around this long! Til next time..


Some products I’ve used up lately..


Body Shop Shea Shower Cream; I got this in my PowderPocket and wasn’t that thrilled with it. It didn’t exactly lather up at all. It feels nice on the skin and smells nice. I’m happy I didn’t rush to buy the full sized bottle after the first use, not that I was going to anyway *Shifts Uncomfortably* I would try another shower cream so I’m not going to knock the Body Shop just yet.

Soap & Glory the Righteous Body Butter;  what can I say I adored this. I love all Soap & Glory products and this one wasn’t any different. Its scent is just amazing and I love it. My skin was always so silky and smooth whilst using this. I need to buy it again; can you tell I just love it?

Boots Extract Mango Body Butter; Another body butter I have loved. The scent of this is so Summery and fruity. This sinks into your skin so quickly and lovely. It leaves your skin so soft for days after the application, so it begins working after the first use. I’ll definitely be getting this again too!

Nivea Body Firming Oil; I don’t use this to tone up or anything, I use it on my stretch marks which are pretty much gone but it’s such a habit now. It sinks into the skin quickly and leaves you feeling so moisturised.



Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Care Shampoo; my boyfriend uses Dove shampoo and conditioners and his hair always smells amazing. I bought this daily shampoo and it’s equally as lovely. It lathers up well, doesn’t leave any residue or build up on your hair and cleans it really well. It’s not drying, and my hair has been softer after use. What else would you want in a shampoo?Image



L’OREAL 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil; I adore this cleansing oil and sued it every day to remove make up and if I was too lazy to wash my face properly. I love, love, love this product. It feels so lovely, isn’t greasy and removes make up brilliantly. I will definitely be repurchasing this soon.

Athena Beaute Cotton Pads;  What can I say about these? They were just cotton pads, were god to use, done the job and that’s about it..

La Rocha Posay Rosaliac Ar Intense; I got loads of these samples in my local pharmacy one day and this is so good for redness. Now redness isn’t something my skin usually suffers with, but I used this on blemishes, and the marks they leave when they’re gone and it worked wonders.



Soap & Glory Heel Genius; the skin on my feet get so dry and I love this product. I used it twice a day and my dry skin was gone, it was like magic. Summer ready feet in a tube! I need to get this again.

Oral B Sensitive Mouthwash; I’m really picky with mouthwash and I didn’t like this on at all. I won’t be repurchasing this at all.


Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!


Let’s Go All Bright..





As you can see from the above photos, this is gonna be a review of the Boots Botanics Gentle Cleansing Cream ‘All Bright’ I bought this last week on points I had on my card. My boyfriend actually uses this range, now which products I’m not entirely sure but I said I’d give it a bash anyway!

It says it ‘Removes make-up and impurities for all skin types – with brightening hibiscus.’ This is a really nice cream cleanser the nicest I’ve tried in a while really. It removes make up well enough, but I would rather use a facial oil or a ‘proper’ make up remover because I’m not too sure this removes it all. But I guess that’s what washing your face is for. As for eye make up, it’s not the best at removing that. I like waterproof eye make up, and that’s the formula I usually reach for, but this has a hard job at removing even the regular formula. 

I do think it’s brightening, and I have been preferring a brightening formula because y skin was so dull after Winter! It doesn’t by no means lighten your skin, but you do get a certain glow from it that I haven’t gotten from anything in a while.

The consistency of this cleanser is really nice to use too. It’s not too thick, yet it’s not runny either. So when you’re applying it with a cotton pad it doesn’t slip right off our face. I prefer this kind of consistency.

This isn’t an expensive cleanser at all, and it’s currently on sale in Boots so you can go here and get it for only 3.93E, which for 250ml is quite good as it will last quite a long time!

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!


Garnier Fresh Clarifying Wash – Shine Be Gone




I’ve been using a new Facewash the past week or so and I can already say that I love it. It’s the Garnier Fresh Clarifying Wash – Shine Be Gone and it’s for oily to combination skin. There’s a chemist in my local town which always has great, affordable prices and most of the Garnier range they stock is all €2.79 which is amazing!

I have oily skin which has been breaking out pretty badly the last week or so and this wash has really helped keep all my pesky oil in check. It says it “refreshes and purifies pores” and has green tea and moringa extract within. Now usually, all the jibber jabber about ingrediants confuses me, I just want my face to be clean! Green tea is an amazing antioxidant for your skin and since I can’t stand the taste of it, I’m happy it’s in this face wash. From what I’ve read about moringa it moisturises, is good for blemish removal and prevents wrinkles. So these two ingrediants mixed together are great for your skin. I know my skin laps it up. It’s also gentle enough for sensitive skin which is amazing because you can have both sensitive and oily skin and I haven’t seen enough washes to combat those two problems.

As you can see from my third picture, it’s a clear gel consistency and is not too runny or too thick. I like my washes to be that in between consistency where it doesn’t run straight off your face, but doesn’t take forever to lather up either. This wash is great for clearing your skin, getting a really deep down clean everyday without being too harsh, tightening pores, controlling oil and everything you would want your wash to have.

Getting down to the sudsy stuff, you use it just like any other wash. You wet your face and then rub this on in circular motions. It foams up amazingly and feels so soft to rub it on your face. It has a nice, light scent which isn’t overbearing and doesn’t linger on your skin either. You can focus this more on your t-zone area; so your forehead, nose and chin areas. This is where I know my face gets most oily so it’s great to really work it into those areas. It says you could follow up with a moisturiser but I follow up with my other regular skin care items.

I really couldn’t recommend this wash enough. It’s so affordable and works so well!

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!