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L’OREAL Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash



As always, I was looking for a new face wash. I did want to repurchase the Garnier one that I had been using but couldn’t find it and this. Toggle caught my eye. Since. I love the skin perfecting miracle cleansing oil, I thought I’d give this one a go.

It’s a purifying gel wash for combination to oily skin. It says it Removes impurities, helps unblock pores and reveals fresh clean skin

I use this wash both morning and night and it does feel really nice on the skin. It lather up so easily and you only need a small bit as a little goes a long way. It gives your skin a deep cleanse, without being too harsh.

It has helped to clear up my skin, but at the moment I’m having a really bad breakout which is upsetting. It has really helped control the oils on my face too, which I find is necessary with facial products.

It does leave your skin feeling fresh and clean and works really well for it’s price!

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



Updated Skincare Routine – April 2014







I decided to update my skincare routine for all you lovely people, because I’m pretty sure I’ve changed it quite a bit. These are the products that I use on my skin every morning and evening, so I do use masks, exfoliates and other stuff sometimes.

I like to keep it organised into this wee basket because in the mornings, when it’s early no I’d rather be sleeping, I just grab the basket and have all the stuff I need, so it makes my mornings a lot easier. As you can see in my second photo, all the products I use slot in perfectly, so it’s great. Plus, it looks cute on my dresser!

So I guess I’ll drive right in and talk about the two face washes I use everyday and love. In the mornings, I prefer to use a more mattifying, oil controlling face wash because my skin is super oily and that’s not an attractive look throughout the day. I have really been loving this Neutrogena Pore & Shine Daily Wash The wash has an extremely fresh scent, which is always perfect for waking me up each morning. It’s really refreshing and puts me in a good mood. It foams up really well and my skin always feels so clean after using this. It controls my shine and oil whilst keeping me matte. At night, I usually use a soft wash, but recently I’ve been loving this Olay Pro X Exfoliating a renewal Cleanser I got this with my Olay Pro X facial cleansing system which I will talk about and it’s a really amazing wash. It gets your skin nice and clean. It smooths your skin and really is a fantastic Facewash. It takes all the dirt from during the day off my face so I like that.

I always use the Simple Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser I have really huge pores so this just helps to keep them in check. It takes two seconds to do, put some on a cotton pad and use upward strokes on your face and your good to go. It helps remove any dirt my wash didn’t and minimises your pores. I’ve really been loving this since last October and I use it both morning and evening. Another product I use both morning and evening is the Garnier Fresh Essentials Toner I used to love the rose water toner but this one does such a good job at brightening my complexion, especially because after winter my skin Is so dull. It’s really refreshing to use and again takes two seconds. It has a fresh scent, but it’s not heavenly scented so it’s really light.

To remove my make up I have been loving the 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil this does the best job at removing male up, I keep wanting to try others t I always go back to this. Seem people don’t like the thoughts of smearing oil across their face, especially if you have oily skin, but it doesn’t leave you greasy at all. I just rub it onto dry skin in circular motions then add a bit of water to it and finally rinse it off. It removes every last trace of make up and leaves your skin so soft! In the nighttime I have been really loving my Olay Pro X Facial Cleansing System this has made me not need my acne cream any more which I am so excited about. My skin is purging a little bit at the moment but I can really see the benefits. It’s so relaxing as well, and you know your skin is getting cleansed really deep down. I think that if anyone has really bad skin, but acme medication is too expensive to get every month, because I know it can be pricey, investing in one of these will save you a tonne of money!

And lastly my moisturisers and cream. These are probably boring but in the morning I use my Johnsons Oil balancing Light Day Cream I love this I’ve been using this moisturiser for months now and it has done wonders for my skin. It gives it the moisture it needs without making it excessively oily or greasy. It absorbs quick and because you only use it in the day, the tube lasts ages. It’s the same with my Johnsons Oil Balancing Night Gel Cream this has done wonders for me. It is a bit more moisturising than the day cream, which is ideal because your skin repairs itself when you’re asleep. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel heavy for the nighttime. On my eyes, in both morning and evening I use my Benefits It’s Potent I love this eye cream. I don’t use it for anti aging or anything, I’m too young for that, it’s a brightening eye cream. I get bad dark circles but since I began using this they have been ten times better. It really does brighten your eye area and a few minutes after you apply it you start to see it. It’s so amazing and the pot lasts ages too!

Well that’s my updated skin care routine, sorry it’s not more exciting!

Thanks for reading. ’til next post!


January – March 2014 Products I’ve Used Up

So it seems like I’ve been using up a lot of products lately and decided to update you guys!

So starting off with make-up surprisingly I have a few products!
Benefits The Porefessional this is a mini sample and I used it for almost two months! I love this product and I most definitely would repurchase it.
Urban Decay Primer Potion this is such an amazing eye primer, my make-up never budged while wearing this. This again, is a smaller size but it lasted from October-February! I can’t wait to get this again!
Rimmel Stay Matte what can I say everyone loves this powder. It’s cheap, stays matte, works all day and doesn’t look cakey whatsoever.
Babylips Peach Kiss These were so worth the hype. I used thus up so quickly because I used it a bajillion times a day! They’re so moisturising, taste good and the hint of colour is nice too!
La Rocha Posay Ceralip When my lips were really dry this was a lifesaver. It’s just white and has no scent really it’s just very moisturising.


Next is hair and basically it’s two dry shampoos. I am a fan of dry shampoo to elongate my time between washes as I do get oily roots. The first is Batistes Original and I think this features in prett much all my empty products posts, I just love it! I hardly ever stray from it. The next is from when I did stray and it’s the Got 2 Be Rockin’ It encore fresh Dry Shampoo this stuff smells so freaking good and works so amazingly. It could easily become my favourite dry shampoo!


Two random products are some Listerine Mouthwash nothing exciting here! It’s just mouthwash. Escada Chery in the Air Perfume is so amazing. It’s super sweet so if you’re not a fan of that you won’t like this. You wear cherries all over you. I most definitely would get this again in a heartbeat!


For skin care there is a tube of Johnsons Oil Balancing Day Fluid this is my favourite day time moisturiser. I think I’ll be sticking to it for a good while. It lasts ages, I’ve had this since early December. It soaks in really quickly and doesn’t leave your skin greasy or shiny, just soft and smooth! To compliment that there is a jar of the Night Fluid which is a bit more moisturising but works basically the same! There’s also the L’OREAL 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution this is really good at removing make up. I don’t think I’d buy it again simply because I love their 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil a lot better!


For my hands I have a tub of Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Pads which smell divine, not like polish remover at all! They make removing polish so effortless, I definitely will be getting these again! I have a mini tube of Cath Kidston’s Rose Hand Cream I adore this sweet rose scent, it’s perfect for this time of year. I won’t say too much about this because it was in my February favourites. I’m just happy I have 2 more tubes!


And finally, for my body I have used up Snow Fairy from LUSH this shower gel is so sweetly scented it’s so amazing! Candy floss and pear drops go so well together. It lathers up amazingly and it’s pink! I can’t wait for next Christmas to get more of this! I have a Sure Roll on Deodrant nothing fancy, just keeping myself odour free! Some Nivea Q10 Firming Body Oil this is good for stretch marks which I have. And lastly, a mini Scrub of a Your Life from Soap & Glory! I adore this scrub so much and I do have the larger tube, this one was just handy to grab!


Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!


Feeling Clean…

I’ve been using a new face wash, which is Neutrogena’s Visibly Clean Pore & Shine Daily Wash and I love it. I’ve been using it in the morning as I prefer something more mattifying and oil controlling for throughout the day. And let me tell you I’m impressed!


So to use I just wet my face and lather two pumps of the wash in my hands. It has a jelly like consistency so I find it easier to lather it up that way. Then I just go at my face using circular motions. It feels really nice to use and it doesn’t dry out your skin at all, even though it’s removing a lot of the excess oil.


You can really see a difference from day one. My shine was under control until around 4 or 5, which is amazing since I wash my face at 6am! On the bottle it says it removes up to 77% of the extra sebum on your face and it really does!
My pores have been visibly reduced too and this works amazing with Simple ‘s Pore Minimising Cleanser to reduce the look of my pores further! It also cleans really deep down so you can even feel this working.
My skin has been noticeably clearer the past week since starting yo use this product. It has a really fresh scent of tangerines and limes which is so refreshing for waking you, and your skin up in the morning..


I like the packaging, the pump doesn’t give out too much, which I’m glad about because you don’t end up wasting a lot of the product that way.

Well as you can see I love this, but have you ever tried it? Or do you have a different preference?

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!


Soap & Glory: Peaches & Clean*

DSCN0481 DSCN0482 DSCN0483


I’ve been using this daily since Christmas and I thought it was about time to do a review on it. So, as you can tell from the title it’s the Peaches & Clean 3 in 1 Wash Off Deep Purifying Cleanser. It’s half empty, because  was using it both morning and evening for a few weeks. Then I went to just using it at night because I like a cleanser that keeps my oily shine more in check throughout the day.

I got this in my Yule Monty gift set, although if you were to go to the shop to buy it, it’s only 9.50 EURO which is really reasonable. The cleanser claims to have super t-zone decloggers, go juice, oxyginising technology, boosts circulation and to re-energise the skin.  All that is a bit of a mumble jumble to me and I just decided to go ahead and try it.

I really do like it. My skin has been a bit better, but it doesn’t really declog my pores as well as I might have wanted but it does the job. I don’t use it straight on my face at the end of the day I always remove my make up before washing my face, so I can really get a deep clean. This cleanser leaves you feeling so refreshed after using it. Your skin does feel really clean which is what you would like in a face wash. My skin has been a bit brighter and less dull so it must be helping a bit!As with many Soap & Glory products this smells freaking amazing. It smells peachy, most definitely!

Soap & Glory are also quite a forgiving bunch as, in the directions they say go ahead and use both morning and night, or the morning after if you’ve done the nasty thing and slept with your make up on. It makes making mistakes a lot easier, not that I do very often.

It doesn’t particularly help with clogged pores, blackheads, spots,redness, to me. I’m used to using face cleaners with a more targeted approach to my skin.  If you’re looking for a good, all round cleanser and have quite good skin, this is for you!

To read another persons opinion check out Joannas: http://joannaloves.com/2014/01/20/soap-glory-peaches-and-clean-cleanser/

To purchase this from Boots: http://www.boots.ie/en/Soap-Glory%C2%99-Peaches-and-Clean%C2%99-3-in-1-Wash-off-Deep-Purifying-Cleanser-200ml_1364166/

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time!


L’OREAL Paris Skin Perfection Micellar Solution


After reading Joannaloves (http://joannaloves.com/2013/10/24/loreal-skin-perfection-3-in-1-purifying-micellar-solution/ ) review of this product I decided to but it, especially as I wanted to try the bioderma serum and this was supposed to be a good dupe of it. 

It comes out of the bottle really fast, that shocked me the first time, so I was wary of that after that use. It is quite watery so I wasn’t sure how good it would work. I was surprised it did work quite well. It’s extremely gentle on the skin, and with no scent, and being alcohol free it would be perfect for people wit sensitive skin too.

It claims to remove make-up, unclog pores,remove impurities and tone and smooth the skin.  It removes my make up quite well. I don’t particularly wear foundation or any other face makeup every day, unless I have spare time to get ready. It’s not that I don’t have time to do my makeup, I find my skin breaks out a lot less if I keep my face make up free. It removes my eye shadow and stuff fast, the only thing it doesn’t do well on is my waterproof mascara. I use Maybelline’s Rocket Volum and this mascara is extremely waterproof. I find I have to rub, a lot, on my eyelids to remove some mascara and in the end I just reach for my eye make up remover.

I’ve been using this product for a few weeks and I have noticed the condition of my skin getting better. I was breaking out a lot, but now it seems to be more under control. My skin is also a lot smoother too. 

I really like this product and I think I will repurchase it when it’s done because it removes make up excellently.






Okay, so I’ve been saving up all the empty products I had over the past few weeks. It takes me a while to work through products so there is only a few, but I thought I’d share with you guys!


Garnier Soft Essentials Comforting Toner




This product is just so nice to use. Its moisturising s well as toning so your skin is so soft after use. The scent is really delicate and not strong at all which is good. I have to use acne treatment at night, which I can’t use moisturiser with so I love using this before putting on the acne cream, as it helps to moisturise my face.

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends



I love, love, love this. i am going to have to buy another bottle of this stuff. It has helped with split ends and it leaves your hair soft all day long. I noticed that breakage was less since I began using this. It has a lovely scent and basically just does what it says on the bottle!


Strepsils+Plus Throat Spray



I suffer with chronic sore throats, and when I get one it takes forever to go away but this stuff works so well. It numbs your throat to take away the pain and has antibacteriasl to take away the infection. It tastes disgusting, like horrible, but it does the job!

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser





I loved this so much that I already bought a bigger sized bottle. It is a fresh, minty ( I can’t describe it any other way ) facewash. It leaves your skin tingling, so you know it has worked well. The consistency is so nice, its so soft to rub on your skin. It’s just a great facewash.


E.L.F eyeshadow primer




I’m so bad, I can’t remember what eyeshadow primer this is from e.l.f but it works so well. My eyeshadow lasted all day. The consistency was nice, you did have to leave it to dry before putting your shadow on which was annoying to me but it worked well so it was worth the wait.


Mask of Magnaminty



I am a Lushie and this product is great for oily/combination skin. It prevents breakouts, reduces redness,and smells delicious. I have to buy more of this stuff.


Ocean Salt



This product is great for your face and your body but don’t get any in your mouth its horrible! It really exfoliates and leaves your skin so smooth!


Well that’s all guys!


Scrub Your Nose in It & No Clogs Allowed Review




I think I’ll start with Scrub Your Nose in It as it’s the product that many people would use first, I think.  So, as the name suggests it’s a facial scrub for oily/combination skin, with a special pore refining formula. It contains superfruit yuzu and d-clog micromud. Basically, you dampen you t-zone, or your whole face if you’d like. Then you rub the scrub on in circular motions and leave for two minutes. It doesn’t have a hard, abrasive formula which is nice. You can really feel the deep cleansing action of this facial scrub when you leave it on, which is satisfying because you know that it’s working. After the two minutes is up, you wash it off, and then apply moisturizer. I personally saw this product working from the first time I used it. I noticed that I had a lot less clogged pores on my forehead than before. 

I follow up with No Clogs Allowed facial mask. Its described as a “Super self heating deep pore detox mask”. To use this product, you take a grape sized amount and rub it on to your face. Then you wet your hands and scrub until the mask turns blue and begins heating. You then leave it for five minutes. I never got a shade of blue that stood out, it was a more subtle shade, so perhaps I was using it wrong, who knows? You can feel how deep down into your pores it goes, and it tingles. It feels really silky on your face. After five minutes, wash it off with a warm wet washcloth. And your face comes out SO SMOOTH! It feels extremely nice and is so worth the price. 

I use the two products together because I have oily/combination skin, and you really notice that if you have clogged pores or blackheads that these two products clean them out so well, without being too harsh on your skin.


To purchase these products you can go to:



My Product Wishlist.

So, there are a lot of beauty products that I want to try, and it’s only fitting as what young woman doesn’t have a list of things that they want? I found some of these products by watching Missglamorazzi on YouTube ( http://www.youtube.com/user/missglamorazzi ) and also by just checking out different stores websites and finding products that I think would work well for my skin. As I work my way through exploring all these different products I am going to review them  so you guys can see how they worked for me.

I decided to put into italics the products that I have gotten so you guys can tell which ones I still have to get! I’m just going to dive in and start sharing my wishlist with you guys.

Firstly, from Lush : Cupcake Fresh Face Mask, Rub Rub Rub, American Cream Conditioner, No Drought Dry Shampoo, Fresh Farmacy, BIG, I Love Juicy, Aqua Marina, Coalface, Mask of Magnaminty and Whip Stick.

Moving on to Benefit : One Prime Day Gift Set.

O.P.I : Runaway Minnies, Coutoure of Minnies mini set.

Urban Decay :  Eye primer potion. Naked Skin Beauty Balm

Soap and Glory :  No Clogs Allowed, Scrub Your Nose in It, Clean on Me, Hand Food.

Aveeno: Positively Radiant range.