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Keeping Watch



I saw this gorgeous Goldigga watch in the bargain store next to where I work for €10. I knew I just had to get it.

The watch is authentic Goldigga and came beautifully presented with all instructions and warrants so I was impressed.

It’s so beautiful and dainty. Perfect for the summer time too, with the white strap.I have really been loving the rose gold trend, so this watch matches in.

The face of the clock is like pearl it’s so different to any watch I’ve seen. It also makes it look a lot more expensive than it is.

It has a white fake leather strap which is really comfortable to wear around the wrist!

I am so happy with my bargain find and love pairing this with all my outfits!

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Accessorising my black work clothes!






Wearing all black to work sometimes can be hard. Especially in the Summer when all you want to do is wear brighter colours. I find that by wearing some jewellery, it can change any outfit. I don’t think that wearing long necklaces, or big,bulky jewellery would work in a book shop because you’re constantly carrying boxes, tidying up, packing bags and they can just be a nuisance so these are the main jewellery pieces I have been going to, to liven up my outfits.

Firstly are rings and don’t worry I don’t wear them all at once in this style. As you can see I adore silver jewellery and I have a love/hate one with gold, so I own hardly any gold pieces. One statement rindgI have is my wishbone ring, the bottom on my ring finger. It’s really special to me and I never do anything without it on. The rest I wear on the equivalent of my ring finger on my right hand. It just depends what mood I’m in. I adore them all equally and I believe rings to be a subtle way to dress up any outfit.

I occasionally wear bracelets when I have time getting ready and these silver chain ones are handy because they don’t have a clasp and don’t come over my wrist so the don’t jangle everywhere or fall off. They don’t get in the way of anything and look really nice paired with black.

Finally earrings I have been wearing these teensy silver teardrop shaped earrings everyday. They were a gift from my boyfriends parentsand they are so beautiful. The photo doesn’t capture it at all!

If I’m feeling in the mods for something a bit more colourful, I’d go for this rose gold combo . I love the necklace with the birds it’s so cute and stands out against black tops really nicely. It also goes well with the rose gold bracelet!

That’s a bit about the jewellery I choose to wear to work!

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Loving Rosy..








I have really been loving the Rose gold tinted jewellery lately. I am aware that I have arrived on the band wagon a bit late, and I haven’t really found many pieces around. I’m usually a silver jewellery type gal, and I rarely step out of that.

These two pieces are quite subtle, and very cheap I have been wearing the bird necklace a lot – I think they’re sparrows. They have both the rose gold tint and a silver colour. You can wear it short, or that bit longer, if it’s how you prefer to wear your necklaces. I don’t usually stick to one length on this, I adjust it to how I think it flatters the outfit best. I think it’s so cute for Spring/Summer. I like to pair or with both plainer tops, but also under collars, so you can slightly see the necklace. I bought this in Tesco and I love Tesco’s jewellery because it’s cheap and they have gorgeous pieces. I live near a huge Tesco so when I’m bored I browse. I can’t remember exactly how much this necklace cost, I’m pretty sure it was between €5-€6.50.

The bracelet, I bought in H&M on sale for €1. Yes, you read that right. I think the original price was €2.99 which is really reasonable. I hardly ever wear bracelets, I just find when layered up for Winter, they’re a bit of a hassle. Now it’s Spring and I’m wearing shorter sleeves, I have been really enjoying wearing bracelets again. This one, I thought was unique, because I never saw a bracelet that had metal “gems” rather than the “diamond” ones. I thought it looked quite edgy and cool. I wear this with loads of different styles of outfits, and I usually pair it with the above necklace. I thought it would be too big for my wrist, but thankfully it went small enough!

I have really been enjoying this trend, even though I’m late! What trends have you been loving?

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Feeling Peaked






Today’s post will be reviewing Peaked from Illamasqua

I bought this in London, while I was buying their sculpting duo for my cousin. I was just browsing and I fell in love with the look of their velvet blushers. The very helpful sales assistant matched me up with a shade which best suited me.

To be honest when she picked up this one I did a double take. It looked so dark and there was no way it was going to match me. She took off my other blush and topped up my foundation where needed and applied this. As you see in the swatches, if you go thick you get intense colour. When blended it does softer. Obviously I don’t use that much on my cheeks!

It’s a deep, dusky rose, and in person it’s much more beautiful. I apply it with my angled brush, to the apples of my cheeks, and then dragged up a little bit,my know as blusher goes. I sort of dot it along, and blend it out with my blending brush.

The colour looks so natural on my skin, I really still am surprised. It lasts all day, which is a bonus because powder blushes always seem to wear off throughout the day. It turns to a powder finish, but it doesn’t look cakey, or at you have a bajillion layers on powder and make up all over your face. And a bonus, it doubles up as a lip product too!

The packaging is gorgeous too. It’s so sleek and the box doesn’t feel flimsy or as if it’s going to break, like my NYC one has done.

I am so impressed with is blusher, it’s definitely my top blusher at the moment!

It’s £18 which some people may think is too much, but it’s worth it and when you only use a tiny bit each time, you’re really getting loads for your money. If you’re near an Illamasqua retailer I advise you to go in and check out the huge range of velvet blushers they have and I know you’ll find a colour to suit you!

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