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Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter





I am also aware how late I am onto the Colorburst bandwagon but I had to give them ago. Like I mentioned before in my last Revlon review, I wanted more neutral colours, rather than just straight out pink. There wasn’t a great selection of the Colorburst lip butters in my local Boots, but I did fall in love with shade 095 Creme Brûlée

This is a great neutral colour, which doesn’t make it look as I’d you’ve smeared concealer or foundation across your lips. It’s quite a subtle colour, but it is noticeable and definitely buildable.

I know you’ve probably ready 5000000000 reviews of these so I’m gonna keep as short and simple as I can. The lip butters are really moisturising on the lips, the don’t dry out at all. I have been wearing a lip balm underneath however because my lips have been super dry. They have good lasting power and don’t fade off leaving a weird ring around the outside of your lips. As with most lip products, reapplying after you’ve eaten is a must.

I like to wear mine to work especially because it’s a really good lip product to just whack on as you’re going in the door and not have to worry about until your break.

It’s a colour which I’d feel would go really great with all skin tones!

What’s your recommendations for the next Colorburst lip butter I need to try?

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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick





I wanted some new lipsticks, but I’m a different colour to pink so I opted to try out this nudey pinky cour from Revlon. It’s called 354!cappuccino

I love the packaging of this lipstick, it doesn’t look cheap at all. It looks really chic, especially taking it out of your handbag, it makes you feel fancier!

It’s a shimmery nudey, pink which goes gorgeous with a tan and a smokey eye. It’s a really nice colour to wear to work as it doesn’t dry out, so when it begins to wear off you don’t have that dreaded circle around the edge of your lips.

It’s so silky and smooth it’s so nice to apply. It feels moisturising on your lips and as I mentioned previously it doesn’t dry them out whatsoever.

It has good lasting power, but like most lipsticks would need to be touched up after eating.

I’m really glad I picked this one up and I can’t wait to try more lipsticks from this range soon!

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Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation Review.


I got this foundation as part of my birthday presents from my siblings and I’ve wanted to try it for a while so you can imagine how happy I was. My skin is quite oily and I wasn’t really bothered with wearing makeup and recently I wanted to wear make up more and put a bit more effort into it but I just couldn’t find the right foundation.

I got the formula combination to oily skin and the shade 180 Sand Beige. I apply it to a primed face. I use the Naked BB Cream and Avon’s Face Perfector as primers. I let those sink in and then I apply it with a make up sponge because it’s how I feel gives the best coverage. I blend it all in. I don’t go for a full coverage look every day, medium suits me fine because my skin hasn’t been breaking out too much.

After I apply I do the rest of my makeup as normal.i adore how it gives great coverage throughout the day. I haven’t noticed any shine beginning to appear in the afternoon. I haven’t needed to top up either so I am one happy lady.

I don’t really have anything negative to say about this product, only that the bottle has no pump. What is up with that Revlon? I almost hate pouring it onto my hand because I’m afraid too much will come out and I’ll waste a tonne, who knows maybe they’ll fix it in the future.

Here are some pictures with just the foundation and then my whole make up look. The last photo, with my red lips, was taken yesterday evening to show how it’s lasted.