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My DIY Summer Pedicure!

So as we all know, when Summer approaches we want to break out the flip flops, sandals and just bare feet in general. But uh-oh, you kind of neglected your feet throughout Winter and no one wants to look at them, not even you. So when you decide to get them out of hiding, this is what could work for you too.

Firstly gather up your supplies. I used some clean on me,Epsom salts, heel genius, a nail file, nail clippers, a cuticle pusher, nail polish : Barry m nail paint in coral, wet’n’wild mega last in club Havana, Rimmel I love lasting perfection in sunshine. I also used a black nail art pen that I forgot to picture, cotton pads, nail polish remover and mango scrub.


First things first, remove old nail polish. This is a good thing to start with as who likes to have a bajillion layers on nail polish on? Not me anyway!


Then I added some Clean on Me and Epsom Salts to my Foot spa and soaked my feet for around ten minutes. This is so relaxing and softens both hard skin and your nails. My one vibrates too, so it feels like your at the spa!


Next is to scrub, scrub, scrub! You want to try to scrub off some of that dead skin! I used my Boots Mango Body Scrub because it smells so good and summery too!


Next is to remove the calluses, clip those claws and push back them cuticles! You want to make your feet look fabulous.


Now to begin painting! I started with a base coat of Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails, Hard as Wraps


Then, since I was doing ombré style nails, I used a white base coat to make the colours pop more. I used NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in white, excuse the mess, well clean it up later!


I tried using the sponge but it didn’t work at all so then I just painted it ombré style. The colours I used was Rimmel I love lasting Finish in Sunshine, WetnWild Megalast in Club Havana and Barry M Nail Paint in Coral and I just layered them on and made them look blended, well tried to anyway! On my remaining toes I painted the with the coral colour.


Then, I used a black nail art pen and painted a palm tree and a bird on one big toe and a boat and birds on the other. I think they turned out quite well!


Lastly I slathered on some heel genius and let that soak in!

Here’s some more pictures of my pedicure!


alt=”20140717-134505-49505397.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />

Now I am in no way good at nails but I was asked by Julep to take part in a fun, summer pedicure challenge! Julep have gorgeous shades out at the minute!

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Club Havana





Whilst in Newry the last time, I discovered a WetnWild stand in one of the pharmacys and got so excited. I was really spoiled for choice and honestly, couldn’t decide what to get. It was so cool to me because I heard that some places here in the Emerald Isle sold WetnWild bit had never seen anywhere to have a stand. Anyway, it was close to closing time and we had to go food shopping so I just grabbed a nail polish because I just had to get something!

I chose a polish from their megalast line. It says it is “salon nail Color” and has a “manicurve pro brush.” I adore the brush on is polish, it gives a really nice, even layer, and you don’t need to keep going over parts you’ve done to cover up parts you missed. You really don’t miss that glumly polish look when you experience the true smoothness this gives the polish on your nail! I never have and good luck with polishes so I’m hoping this one lasts at least two days. I have high hopes don’t I?

So I. Ought the colour E2112 Club Havana hence the name. It stood out to me above all the other colours. I have never owned an orange or orangey nail polish so it’s really exciting! And to me, it is a pretty much true orange shade.

I used my Jessica Brilliance polish for a base and top coat and this is meant to set polish and make it last, prevent chipping, yellowing and smudging too! I used only one coat of Club Havana and just look how pigmented it is. I mean, it’s such a strong colour and isn’t too sheer, I really am so impressed. The consistency is so lovely, it’s not too thick, but as I said it’s not too sheer. It’s just right and I find that a hard quality to find in nail polishes lately.

I just know that this is going to be a staple nail polish for me for Summer. I can’t wait to try more of this line!

Do you have a favourite nail polish for Summer?

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Top Three Spring Polishes





I know I’ve been away for a while and I know I keep using excuses but I literally have not had a minute to do all the college work I have, let alone think of blog posts! But I promise to post a lot more now, no more excuses.

Since were into March, and the weather has actually been sunny, it’s been very Spring-y. It’s still cold here in Ireland, so nail polishes are always a great way to transition your wardrobe and looks. I have lots of colours that I adore, but I managed to whittle it down to three. I’m not going to talk a whole bunch about them, just a quick over of what I think!

Barry M Mint Green Now Barry M and myself have a love/hate relationship in regards to nail polishes. I love this mint green colour, it’s so fresh and I feel like it goes with most things. It reminds me of the leaves growing back on trees, yeah, I’m weird. Barry M polishes are quite inexpensive. You can build up the colour or have it as sheer as you like. I think it’s just such a beautiful colour!

Essie Pink Diamond I adore pink, it’s my favourite colour! I love it all year round but this is such a gorgeous delicate pink colour, and again it’s easily build able so go as sheer or opaque as you like. It has a little bit of shimmer, but it isn’t laden with it. I think it’s just such a beautiful pink and I need to get more Essie polishes!

Rimmel Sunshine This is the brightest colour of the bunch! A lot of people wouldn’t use such a bright yellow colour but I love using it to add that pop of colour, especially in Spring/Summer! As with Barry M it’s a bit or miss with Rimmel, but this one I adore! These polishes are also inexpensive!

What are your favourite spring colours for your nails?

Thanks for reading..’Til next post!


Blue Like the Spring Mornings







Whole browsing in Boots I noticed that hey Barry M stand had their new silk range I had first seen these polishes and fell in love with them on their Twitter where eh announced they’d be available in Superdrug. My heart dropped and I wasn’t expecting to see them in Boots so I was delighted.

All the colours were so beautiful and I couldn’t decide on which to choose so I got a bit of help from my trust helper (my wee brother) and he chose the blue colour, which you can see above is called mist. I’ve had this on my nails for almost a day now and no chips! I am so impressed.

It looks like liquid silk in the bottle and I thought it would stay like that on your nails. The consistency is nice and so is the colour payoff. The colours are so beautiful for Spring/Summer and to brighten up the dull days. I live in Ireland so we get plenty of those.

I used a base oat but when I saw the effect of the polish after it dried I avoided a topcoat, it would have made it look like any other normal polish. After drying it looks like ribbon. It’s so cool. It stays quite matte but it does have a bit of shimmer that you can see in the light but as it’s been dull here, my pictures are not great.

Like I’ve said above I’ve had no chips, which is successful for me and I’ll keep you guys updates on my Instagram which is sarahcasey_ and you can see along my sidebar! about how long it lasts!

I recommend everyone to go swatch these and see how amazing they are!

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post


2True Glossywear Nail Polish

Alrighty,so nail Polish doesn’t last long on my nails, at any time. Unless it’s gel or shellac. The Superdry polishes last on my nails, at least for over a day. This polish, by 2True, a brand I am pretty sure you can’t get in the Republic of Ireland, boasts up to 5 days wear. I got this as part of a 3 for 2 deal in Superdrug so I was pretty happy to try it out.

It’s a glossy finish too, so you have a nice shine on your nails. I bought the shade No. 14 which is a dark blue colour and to me, it looks as if it’s slightly shimmery too. I don’t currently own a colour like this, my polish collection seems to be bright, summery colours. I feel you could match this with any outfit easily enough. My nails are only freshly painted, so I don’t know how long this is going to last, there’s optimism for you! I applied two coats. The first coat was very watery and sheer. On the second coat I got such vibrant colour I was shocked because the consistency of the polish is quite light.

I am pleased with the colour and how smoothly it went on so I’ll be thrilled if it lasts more than today!





Glittery Grey Nails

It’s so dull out today so I wanted to paint my nails before work. As I’ve said before nail polish never stays on my nails so I’m hoping today it will. I used Barry Ms nail paint in 293 Grey and I love Lasting Finish by Rimmel in 500 Disco ball. I love these two colours together, especially the glitter! It makes the plain grey nail so much nicer to wear. I feel like these would go with most outfits too..





Bronze Nails

I decided I’d paint my nails this morning since I have loads of time to doss before going to my College Placement. Also, third blog post today, I’m doing pretty good! Let me give you a little background to my relationship with nail varnish : It hates me. As soon as I apply it it will smudge, when it finally dries over all my blobby fixers, it chips like nobodies business. So, you can say I always start painting my nails with the thought of “Whats the point?” 

Ladies and Gentlemen today I have had success in painting my nails! I bought two nail polishes from Superdry, a bronze and a purple and I used bronze today because it just looks like the perfect fall colour. I used my beauty block to smooth my nail, so it would give my nail polish a better base and I just went ahead and started. 





The nail polish has a lovely light consistency and spreads perfect. Each coat went on so easily and it dries almost instantly. I used two coats, because I thought one was just too light. This is the first time I have had no smudges, no chips just perfect even coverage and I am so impressed. For 7.99 each these nail polishes are a bargain! I am writing this about fifteen minutes after painting them so hopefully they survive the day..

The pictures don’t really capture how it has a lovely shimmer in the natural light, it’s just so much nicer in person!


Have you ever used Superdry ail polish?



Nail Time!

Nail Time!

I decided to paint my nails today, because it just felt like a nail painting kind of day. I decided to do a block colour with a glittery accent nail. I used Essence Colour ‘n’ Go in Gold Fever for the accent nail. Its a gold glitter consisting of smaller and larger pieces of glitter. Then, for my block colour, I used Rimmel I ❤ Lasting Colour in Double Decker Red. I think the colours compliment each other well, and I will most definitely be wearing it around Christmas time!