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Macadamia Oil Extract Body Butter



I’m quite particular when it comes to moisturising my body. I always use a body butter and when you don’t live close to a Body Shop they aren’t as easy to come by. I found this in a bargain shop in our shopping centre for €2 and it’s the best €2 I’ve spent in a long time.

This body butter is part of their macadamia oil extract range which I have been enjoying. It says it “revitalises, nourishes and hydrates” the skin and it does. It’s the quality of a body shop body butter but a fraction of the cost.

I slather it on every evening and after my shower and it’s so thick and luxurious you wouldn’t think it was as cheap as it is. My skin drinks this stuff up and it hydrates it and keeps it hydrated something I was struggling to find I other body butters. It softens knees and elbows amazingly which I need.

The consistency is thick, so a little goes a long way and I’ve been using this every day for three weeks now. It’s so nice to lather into your skin and when you leave it that little bit not rubbed it, when it soaks in it’s even better. Your skin is left smooth and hydrated.

The scent is amazing. It smells kind of exotic, it reminds me of going on holidays and it lingers on the skin for a bit, but isn’t too overpowering so when you’re putting on perfume it’s just a subtle under scent.

I need to stock up on more of these body butters soon!

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



Clean On Me & Hand Food Review

I know, I know, every single person has tried these products before, well they’re new to me. I was one of the unlucky few who hadn’t joined the cult yet, but here I am, and I am in love!




So I’ll start with Clean on Me and can we just take a second to appreciate the smell of this shower gel? This has to be one of the nicest smelling shower gels of all time.  I love how this product lathers up so nicely and after use your skin is just so soft because of the built in body lotion but you also smell just so good. They recommend stopping your shower and lathering it upon your body with your hand, but I love lathering it up on my luffa and using it that way. You do only need a little bit so I think this bottle will last forever. I just love this product!


Hand Food is also one of the nicest products I have ever used. I’ve been using Cath Kidtsons hand cream for almost  a year now and this product is better in every way. Firstly the smell is a nice change and it lasts ages on your hands  ( on the tube it says shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow! ) . The fact its non greasy means it just soaks into your hands leaving them silky sooth and it doesn’t take forever to do that, unlike the Cath Kidston one. I never would have classed myself as someone who has dry hands, I just like the moisturising effect for the hand cream, and especially coming into this time of year it’s good to protect against dryness.


Lets just be honest and say that these two products are just so nice and I am pulled in completely to the Soap & Glory range!