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Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter





I am also aware how late I am onto the Colorburst bandwagon but I had to give them ago. Like I mentioned before in my last Revlon review, I wanted more neutral colours, rather than just straight out pink. There wasn’t a great selection of the Colorburst lip butters in my local Boots, but I did fall in love with shade 095 Creme Brûlée

This is a great neutral colour, which doesn’t make it look as I’d you’ve smeared concealer or foundation across your lips. It’s quite a subtle colour, but it is noticeable and definitely buildable.

I know you’ve probably ready 5000000000 reviews of these so I’m gonna keep as short and simple as I can. The lip butters are really moisturising on the lips, the don’t dry out at all. I have been wearing a lip balm underneath however because my lips have been super dry. They have good lasting power and don’t fade off leaving a weird ring around the outside of your lips. As with most lip products, reapplying after you’ve eaten is a must.

I like to wear mine to work especially because it’s a really good lip product to just whack on as you’re going in the door and not have to worry about until your break.

It’s a colour which I’d feel would go really great with all skin tones!

What’s your recommendations for the next Colorburst lip butter I need to try?

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



Top Three Spring Lipsticks!





Continuing along with my Top Three Spring.. theme, I decided to do lipsticks! You can check out what l chose for polish here . My lips have been so dry and sore lately, so sadly I’ve been using a tonne of lip balm, but let’s discuss my three picks!

As you can probably tell from the photos I like pink/red type lipsticks, but I am branching out. These are my favourite colour shades for Spring though. The three are from different ends of the spectrum too, so I have one that cost less than €2 to one that cost €22 so I don’t stick to either high street or high end.

Firstly there is one from Avon now I forget what the type of lipstick this is, I got it ages ago but I do know it’s in the shade Peach Peck it’s a beautiful peachy colour, it’s really buildabe so you can have it really bright or just sheer on your lips. It does have a bit of shimmer, but it’s not over the top, it’s quite subtle. The lipstick itself has a good consistency, it’s really smooth and glides on my lips. It does have a good staying power, but with lipsticks, it does need to be topped up once in a while! Overall I think this is a perfect colour for Spring because it’s so light, it brightens up your make up!

Next we have a MAC lipstick in Creme Cup. as I’ve said multiple times on this blog I’ve wanted it for ages and I’ve had it since January but pinks are my favourite colour for everything so I adore this. I’d wear it every single day of my life. It’s a beautiful pink colour, have I said that enough? It’s not shimmery and not matte either. It has the most beautiful consistency and lasts ages. I am in love with this lipstick! It goes with everything and is just so perfect for this time of year.

Lastly from the bunch is from MUA and is in the shade Touch Up. This is a nude colour and isn’t too dark yet isn’t too bright. I think a good nude lip looks lovely, especially if you’re brightening your blush or eyeshadow colours, you don’t want to look like a clown! This is also not shimmery or matte, it’s just nice. The consistency is again, brilliant and it lasts long too! It glides on my lips hassle free, and if it wears off, no one really notices!

I hope you guys like the three colours I’ve chosen! What are you’re favourite colour lipsticks for Spring?

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!


RiRi Woo Lipstick and Liner Review



I went into Brown Thomas last week determined to buy Ruby Woo because I have heard such good things about it. As usual, you could get nowhere near the counter because it was full of teenage girls using the samples to do their makeup. A shop assistant came up to me and the first thing I noticed was her lipstick, it was gorgeous. A deep red that you could wear casually or ‘fancy’. I loved it and had to get it.

It turned out it was from the RiRi loves Mac range and it was called RiRi Woo and it was, essentially, a deeper Ruby Woo. It is pricy 44 Euro for both lipstick and liner, but it was worth it. I love the packaging, the rose gold colour of the tube, it just looks so pretty.


The colour is beautiful, it’s really pigmented and it’s matte and perfect for this time of the year. It has great lasting power, I wore it to work and it stayed on all day and I was drinking and had lunch. I topped it up a tiny bit, but only lightly. It feels nice on your lips, and it doesn’t look drying. None of these pictures truly show how lovely and deep this lipstick is, they don’t do it justice at all!








Okay, so I am a Lushie at heart. It all began watching Missglamorazzi on YouTube and her Lush haul made me want to buy EVERYTHING, and since then I wasn’t as nervous about what products I wanted to try from Lush and I feel confident in finding products that suit my skin type to try.  Now I love that shop, I always find something to try. The staff are always so helpful. So here’s what I bought yesterday and I will be reviewing these products as I use them.


1: Mask of Magnaminty is described “This peppermint mask does everything it can to fight eruptions and outbreaks and return your skin to tip top condition.” This is my favourite product from Lush so far. It can be used anywhere that you have an outbreak. It has a lovely minty scent and its so nice to have on your face. It has helped me fight breakouts so man times, by reducing redness and preventing more spots etc from coming up. I think everyone with oily/combination skin should give this facemask a go!

2: Ocean Salt is a facial csrub, but I use it on my legs before I shave too. There’s sea salt ( obviously ) limes and avocado in this face scrub, so while its cleaning deep down and exfoliating, it leaves your skin soft too. Don’t get any in your mouth because it’s disgusting. When you first open it you need to give it a mix through to make all the ingrediants blend together. It has a really refreshing smell too.  I find it is a really effective scrub!

3: Aqua Marina is a facial cleanser, and the first one I bought from Lush ever! Its describes as ” Our pink squishy cleanser that was inspired by mermaids. An ocean of ingrediants to soothe and calm the skin.” And they’re right its pink and squishy! To use it you pinch a small amount, use water to turn it into a past/ milky formula and wash your face as normal.  I don’t particularly like the smell, but I’m willing to look past it to give it a go!

4: Fresh Farmacy is another facial product that is new to me. Lush says “Want to avoid the pharmacy? Then try Fresh Farmacy first. This is like a calamine lotion, but in bar form.” I’ve heard it’s very good for people with acne so I’m willing to give it a go!

5: Honey I washed the Kids Okay so I didn’t really buy this, it was a sample given to me in the shop, but I have wanted to try this soap for a while and I’ve heard great things about it. It smells like toffee and honey, good enough to eat!

6: Sanata’s lip scrub My bubblegum lip scrub is almost out and this caught my eye. It tastes like cola bottles and has little love hearts in it! Needless to say that’s all it took for me to buy it!

7: American Cream I’ve wanted to try this for the longest time. It smells so sweet and that’s meant to last all day long! Because it’s double strength it’s supposed to be really conditioning, which the ends of my hair need.  I’m excited to try this.

8: Snow Fairy This smells like candyfloss, and is pink what other excuse do I need? They’re the two reasons I bought this product I’m not gonna lie.

9:Pink FUN This was another sample and from what I’ve read you can play with it like play dough and then use it for anything from washing yourself, to bubbles and even washing your clothes. It smells good too.


Lastly 10: Catastrophic Cosmetic was recommended to me by a shop assistant who fights acne. it smells so lovely. It’s just like blueberries! It goes on so smooth, and is very easily spread. You keep it in the fridge as it’s made with fresh ingrediants. Lush says “You know those times when you get one or two spots and it throws you into panic? Well, this mask is here to lend you a bit of perspective, to tell you to calm down, it’s not the end of the world and it’s nothing that can’t be sorted. Basically, this is your best mate in a pot.”


I can’t wait to try all of these out and share what I think with you guys!