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Miracle Hair Insurance




I always try to use a leave in conditioner because the ends of my hair get so extremely dry, even when I’m not using heat on them. I decided to give Aussies Miracle Hair Insurance a go because it is a bit ore intense than the one I had been previously using, especially since I had been out in the sun.

I use the leave in conditioner mainly concentrated at the ends of my hair, but I do tend to go up the mid lengths also. I use a comb to evenLy disperse it through my hair.

The conditioner says it de tangles and protects and it does! My hair is so much more easy to take after my shower when I use this and my ends have never been softer. It really protects them and prevents them from splitting.

It’s a really lightweight conditioner and it doesn’t weigh down your hair or leave it feeling sticky. As I only use it on the ends and lengths,, it doesn’t make it more any more greasy which I’m always wary of.

As with all Aussie products the scent of this is amazing and when you use it and it’s sunny, the heat intensifies the smell and you just smell drop deep amazing.

I really love this conditioner and recommend it to anyone with weak, distressed hair that needs a bit of TLC.

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What’s in my bag?






If you’re anything like me, which is super nosy, you’ll love reading these posts. I left it a while because there’s nothing really interesting to show you guys but I decided to do it anyway.

Beware this will be a lengthy post!

I’ve been using this pink Linea bag lately which I am in love with. It is pleather and has gold hardware which looks really classy. It has to handles but doesn’t have a long strap which is a quality I love in bags. It’s a nice shape and holds loads I bought this bag in a sale in House of Fraser last year for £30-35 and it was worth it!

It has loads of space. On the outside at the back there’s a wee zip pocket, there’s another one on the inside, a middle pocket, a phone pouch and another pouch and also the main compartment of the bag itself!

In the wee zipper pocket at the back, I usually keep my phone, some needles for my boyfriends insulin and any receipts, vouchers or lotto tickets I may have at that time. I throw crap into this pocket sometimes like packets of chewing gum tissues and lip balms.


On the inside in the wee zipper pocket I keep my house keys which have a tonne of key rings. This is because anywhere else they get lost! On the key rings there’s one from Wicked, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, photos and some club cards and also a cute hairbrush which is awkward to use to say the least!


In the phone and other pouch I throw small things like my key for work, bobby pins, bobbins and even more lip balms. If my asthma is particularly bad my inhaler goes here too!


In the big, middle zipped pocket I keep toiletries/medicine/random stuff. So right now I have a flu type thing so there’s some neurofen, sudafed, strepsils, motilium and anti histamine for hayfever. There’s my inhaler because I don’t need it as bad. A mini hair brush for when my hair is crazy. Some pens because I was using this for my college exams. Lipsticks because I usually have a thousand and one lip products in my bag. Deodrant because who wants to be smelly in work? And finally some tissues!


The main compartment is pretty much where everything else lives!


I live in Ireland so although it’s summer an umbrella is always needed In your bag.

I have my glasses for seeing and my sunglasses at all times. I don’t need glasses all the time just when reading or on a computer so they’re handy to have!


My purse at the moment is this cute Minnie Mouse one from the Disney store which was a gift from my boyfriend. It’s so classic looking and not at all child like. I keep the usual money and cards in here!




I have this make up bag from Pemneys with some wipes, anti bacterial hand gel, plasters, lady stuff, body spray, perfume and little bits in. I don’t know why I don’t put those stuff with the other random bits but it’s handier to whip out this way!



Lastly I have a make up bag to touch up my make up in work, which I rarely do. I have concealer, powder,blush,bronzer,mascara and eyeliner in here. The bag is so cute it has oranges on it and it’s not too big at all!



Thanks for sticking around! ‘Til next post!


Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance



Aussie’s Miracle Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner is something I’ve incorporated into my hair care routine. My hair is quite annoying as my roots get extremely oily and then my ends can get so dry. It’s hard to get the balance to treat both the issues! I was a bit sceptical about trying out a leave in conditioner because of this, but I find concentrating this on my mid lengths and ends, trying to avoid going near my scalp at all, it works fine for me.

This leave in conditioner claims to be a saviour for weak, distressed hair. I wouldn’t say my hair is weak but distressed it could be classed as. My ends get so freaking dry and I hardly use heat products on it so it’s just my hair type. So the bottle says “With Australian Jojoba Oil, Our unique formula, with a drop of Australian Jojoba seed oil, detangles and helps to protect your hair from everyday wear and tear.” I try not to was my hair every single day, although sometimes it has to be done, but when I do wash my hair I always use this afterwards.

The smells from this bottle is amazing, you can smell it through the cap! Aussie products always have incredible scents so I knew this product would be no different. Its just so fruity and lush and not too overpowering. I’d say in the summer with the heat this stuff smells amazing!

For directions you pretty much spray this into towel dried hair, concentrating where you need it most. As I’ve said it’s m mid lengths and ends that especially need this product. You then comb your hair and this does an amazing job at detangling your hair, the comb just slides through it. And obviously you don’t rinse it out!



I truly adore this product. My hair has been in such good condition since adding this into my routine. I do use argan oil on the very ends of my hair also, but that’s just for the dryness. It really does help t protect my hair and I’ve noticed a lot less split ends and damage from styling since using this.It has also made my hair super soft, it’s hard not to run my fingers through the ends sometimes!

I bought it on sale for around 3.50EURO I think in Tesco but at Boots you can get it for 5.79EURO . It’s definitely worth the price, I don’t think it’s expensive. Because you don’t need a huge amount a little does go a long way!

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!