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Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter





I am also aware how late I am onto the Colorburst bandwagon but I had to give them ago. Like I mentioned before in my last Revlon review, I wanted more neutral colours, rather than just straight out pink. There wasn’t a great selection of the Colorburst lip butters in my local Boots, but I did fall in love with shade 095 Creme Brรปlรฉe

This is a great neutral colour, which doesn’t make it look as I’d you’ve smeared concealer or foundation across your lips. It’s quite a subtle colour, but it is noticeable and definitely buildable.

I know you’ve probably ready 5000000000 reviews of these so I’m gonna keep as short and simple as I can. The lip butters are really moisturising on the lips, the don’t dry out at all. I have been wearing a lip balm underneath however because my lips have been super dry. They have good lasting power and don’t fade off leaving a weird ring around the outside of your lips. As with most lip products, reapplying after you’ve eaten is a must.

I like to wear mine to work especially because it’s a really good lip product to just whack on as you’re going in the door and not have to worry about until your break.

It’s a colour which I’d feel would go really great with all skin tones!

What’s your recommendations for the next Colorburst lip butter I need to try?

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A new love…


After seeing is lipstick feature in countless blogs, I knew I needed it. Not I wanted it, I had to have it! The first impression I had was that it was just the perfect pink. I am a lover of pink everything, from lips, cheeks, to clothes, bags. everything

I decided to buy it at the airport because it was the only time I was near a M.A.C seller, other thank going into the city to buy it or buy it online. There was no tester but I had to take the chance. I opened it up straight away and fell in love instantly.

I like the consistentency better than the matte lipsticks from M.A.C, it doesn’t feel as if it’s drying my lips out. It gives a nice, to me, a dewy finish. It looks quite natural.

The colour payoff is incredible. It’s so beautiful, without being too much. One coat is usually all I use, though if you wanted a more vibrant colour you could definitely layer it up. I think it lasts quite a long time so I don’t feel myself topping it up every twenty minutes, which I’m pleased about.

I like wearing it as a fresh daytime colour, but I think it’s so classic I’d wear it at nighttime too with a dramatic smokey eye.

I would like to try other lipsticks from the Cremesheen range and if you have any suggestions which ones I could try, tell me ๐Ÿ™‚



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