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L’OREAL Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash



As always, I was looking for a new face wash. I did want to repurchase the Garnier one that I had been using but couldn’t find it and this. Toggle caught my eye. Since. I love the skin perfecting miracle cleansing oil, I thought I’d give this one a go.

It’s a purifying gel wash for combination to oily skin. It says it Removes impurities, helps unblock pores and reveals fresh clean skin

I use this wash both morning and night and it does feel really nice on the skin. It lather up so easily and you only need a small bit as a little goes a long way. It gives your skin a deep cleanse, without being too harsh.

It has helped to clear up my skin, but at the moment I’m having a really bad breakout which is upsetting. It has really helped control the oils on my face too, which I find is necessary with facial products.

It does leave your skin feeling fresh and clean and works really well for it’s price!

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Garnier Fresh Clarifying Wash – Shine Be Gone




I’ve been using a new Facewash the past week or so and I can already say that I love it. It’s the Garnier Fresh Clarifying Wash – Shine Be Gone and it’s for oily to combination skin. There’s a chemist in my local town which always has great, affordable prices and most of the Garnier range they stock is all €2.79 which is amazing!

I have oily skin which has been breaking out pretty badly the last week or so and this wash has really helped keep all my pesky oil in check. It says it “refreshes and purifies pores” and has green tea and moringa extract within. Now usually, all the jibber jabber about ingrediants confuses me, I just want my face to be clean! Green tea is an amazing antioxidant for your skin and since I can’t stand the taste of it, I’m happy it’s in this face wash. From what I’ve read about moringa it moisturises, is good for blemish removal and prevents wrinkles. So these two ingrediants mixed together are great for your skin. I know my skin laps it up. It’s also gentle enough for sensitive skin which is amazing because you can have both sensitive and oily skin and I haven’t seen enough washes to combat those two problems.

As you can see from my third picture, it’s a clear gel consistency and is not too runny or too thick. I like my washes to be that in between consistency where it doesn’t run straight off your face, but doesn’t take forever to lather up either. This wash is great for clearing your skin, getting a really deep down clean everyday without being too harsh, tightening pores, controlling oil and everything you would want your wash to have.

Getting down to the sudsy stuff, you use it just like any other wash. You wet your face and then rub this on in circular motions. It foams up amazingly and feels so soft to rub it on your face. It has a nice, light scent which isn’t overbearing and doesn’t linger on your skin either. You can focus this more on your t-zone area; so your forehead, nose and chin areas. This is where I know my face gets most oily so it’s great to really work it into those areas. It says you could follow up with a moisturiser but I follow up with my other regular skin care items.

I really couldn’t recommend this wash enough. It’s so affordable and works so well!

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Garnier Fresh Essentials Refreshing Toner

I usually use soft toners, as I feel that they are gentler on my skin because my acne cream can be quite drying at times, but when I was in my pharmacy I decided to try the Garnier Fresh Essentials Refreshing Toner

This toner is for normal to combination skin and my skin has done nothing but act up the past week or two. It’s been a nightmare!


So as you can see, it’s meant to brighten, refresh and tone the skin. I have seen it brightening my skin, and it looks less dull. I’ve been sick so my skins been suffering and looking dull and just not nice, but this really brought it back to normal. It’s most definitely refreshing! The smell alone makes you feel refreshed. Because it has grape extract you can imagine the smell. It smells just like green grapes which are my favourite. This is great for using early in the morning to refresh you and wake you up.


I have noticed a difference in my skin since I started using this toner. It’s most definitely calming down. The Pro Vitamin B5 it contains is great for the skin having anti-aging, moisturising and healing properties.

I would most definitely recommend this toner to anyone who has combination or even oily skin!

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Fresh Farmacy Review



Fresh Farmacy is a solid facial soap which you use just like a regular bar soap for your hands. When you purchase it, you get a block, I usually just cut off small chunks to use while washing my face because it’s a lot easier than trying to use the big block!

This product is amazing if you have oily skin. I use it in the morning and my skin stays oil-free all day long. I don’t find it drying, perhaps it’s because my skin is so oily but some people have said they find it drying.  I follow up with my Garnier rose water toner and a moisturiser too!

I like this product because they cut down on the amount of soap in the product  and there’s bundle of natural ingrediants in there such as, calamine powder, tee tree oil and elderflower decoction. 

I’ve been using it for around three weeks now and it has cleared my face up nicely. I was suffering with bad breakouts for a while but this product keeps them under control. 

I recommend it 100 % to anyone with oily/combination skin who need something to help with that but don’t want to pay for prescription creams from the pharmacy!

Have you tried this product? What did you think?

Scrub Your Nose in It & No Clogs Allowed Review




I think I’ll start with Scrub Your Nose in It as it’s the product that many people would use first, I think.  So, as the name suggests it’s a facial scrub for oily/combination skin, with a special pore refining formula. It contains superfruit yuzu and d-clog micromud. Basically, you dampen you t-zone, or your whole face if you’d like. Then you rub the scrub on in circular motions and leave for two minutes. It doesn’t have a hard, abrasive formula which is nice. You can really feel the deep cleansing action of this facial scrub when you leave it on, which is satisfying because you know that it’s working. After the two minutes is up, you wash it off, and then apply moisturizer. I personally saw this product working from the first time I used it. I noticed that I had a lot less clogged pores on my forehead than before. 

I follow up with No Clogs Allowed facial mask. Its described as a “Super self heating deep pore detox mask”. To use this product, you take a grape sized amount and rub it on to your face. Then you wet your hands and scrub until the mask turns blue and begins heating. You then leave it for five minutes. I never got a shade of blue that stood out, it was a more subtle shade, so perhaps I was using it wrong, who knows? You can feel how deep down into your pores it goes, and it tingles. It feels really silky on your face. After five minutes, wash it off with a warm wet washcloth. And your face comes out SO SMOOTH! It feels extremely nice and is so worth the price. 

I use the two products together because I have oily/combination skin, and you really notice that if you have clogged pores or blackheads that these two products clean them out so well, without being too harsh on your skin.


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