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Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter





I am also aware how late I am onto the Colorburst bandwagon but I had to give them ago. Like I mentioned before in my last Revlon review, I wanted more neutral colours, rather than just straight out pink. There wasn’t a great selection of the Colorburst lip butters in my local Boots, but I did fall in love with shade 095 Creme Brûlée

This is a great neutral colour, which doesn’t make it look as I’d you’ve smeared concealer or foundation across your lips. It’s quite a subtle colour, but it is noticeable and definitely buildable.

I know you’ve probably ready 5000000000 reviews of these so I’m gonna keep as short and simple as I can. The lip butters are really moisturising on the lips, the don’t dry out at all. I have been wearing a lip balm underneath however because my lips have been super dry. They have good lasting power and don’t fade off leaving a weird ring around the outside of your lips. As with most lip products, reapplying after you’ve eaten is a must.

I like to wear mine to work especially because it’s a really good lip product to just whack on as you’re going in the door and not have to worry about until your break.

It’s a colour which I’d feel would go really great with all skin tones!

What’s your recommendations for the next Colorburst lip butter I need to try?

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Macadamia Oil Extract Body Butter



I’m quite particular when it comes to moisturising my body. I always use a body butter and when you don’t live close to a Body Shop they aren’t as easy to come by. I found this in a bargain shop in our shopping centre for €2 and it’s the best €2 I’ve spent in a long time.

This body butter is part of their macadamia oil extract range which I have been enjoying. It says it “revitalises, nourishes and hydrates” the skin and it does. It’s the quality of a body shop body butter but a fraction of the cost.

I slather it on every evening and after my shower and it’s so thick and luxurious you wouldn’t think it was as cheap as it is. My skin drinks this stuff up and it hydrates it and keeps it hydrated something I was struggling to find I other body butters. It softens knees and elbows amazingly which I need.

The consistency is thick, so a little goes a long way and I’ve been using this every day for three weeks now. It’s so nice to lather into your skin and when you leave it that little bit not rubbed it, when it soaks in it’s even better. Your skin is left smooth and hydrated.

The scent is amazing. It smells kind of exotic, it reminds me of going on holidays and it lingers on the skin for a bit, but isn’t too overpowering so when you’re putting on perfume it’s just a subtle under scent.

I need to stock up on more of these body butters soon!

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Tesco Body Butter





When my Dove body cream ran out I knew I needed some form of body butter because my skin just isn’t as hydrated when I use a cream or lotion. I don’t live close enough to a Body Shop or a Boots that sells body butters, unless our Boots just wasn’t stocked well that day. I took my needs over to a Tesco where I stumbled upon their own branded body butter. I wouldn’t ever use a product just because it’s an own brand so I was happy to pop it into my basket.

It cost me €3 from what I can remember, I tried to find the link online but I couldn’t! It’s a nice sized tub and you get 200ml so it’s a good price.

It’s not the nicest of packaging but that’s okay! The stickers will probably curl off at the edges soon but that’s just what well have to deal with!

It contains cocoa butter, shea butter and also vitamin e which are amazing for your skin. I like when body butters have cocoa and shea butter combined – my skin seems to drink it up.

The description says: Tesco moisturising body butter is a rich, luxurious creme that will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and intensively moisturised. To use you just apply liberally all over your body, preferably after your shower. I try to use this both morning and night but sometimes that doesn’t work out! I just rub it all over and leave it to sink in fully. I like to apply a bit extra to my elbows and knees which get really dry!

The scent is nice and light, it’s not overpowering at all. It lingers on my skin a bit, but as I said it stays really subtle. The consistency is lovely. It’s not too thick that it feels like you’ll never get it absorbed, but not too thin that it doesn’t feel hydrating.

Overall this is a really good body butter and I’d be happy to repurchase it!

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Butter Yourself*





I know I the bottle has seen better days but I’ll explain why it’s a mess!

I got this body moisturiser in my Yule Monty gift set at Christmas and I didn’t really use it. I much prefer body butters because my skin gets really dry and I feel they keep it hydrated a lot longer than a moisturiser. When I ran out of my stash of body butters I decided I’d give my Butter Yourself* ago since I adored the Righteous Butter.

From the beginning, my pump never worked. Ever. It didn’t pump out anything and if it did, it always got clogged. No matter how many times I washed it out with hot water, it would work. So to use it, I had to squeeze it out of the bottle, which at times, wasn’t exactly easy to do. That is why the labels a mess and the bottles all crinkly.

In to the product inside the bottle, it was okay. It moisturised my skin well, but I did have to apply it generously morning. And night to get the same hydration of any body butter. It takes a while to sink in, even when the layers aren’t thick so you do need to hang about in your undies waiting for it to dry.

The consistency is nice. It spreads well and is really light. The scent is amazing, but I haven’t come across and Soap and Glory products that haven’t! It has cocoa butter and moringa and smells really fresh.

You can get it from Boots here for €14

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The Righteous Butter Review*

So, like I said in my December favourites, I received a full sized tub of The Righteous Butter in my Yule Monty gift set. I adore body butters; I’d choose one over a body moisturizer any day of the week. I do like cocoa butter but lately I have been loving fruitier or more sweeter scents than usual. And it’s a known fact that Soap & Glory have some of the nicest smelling products on the market. The Righteous Butter is no exception, it is scented with their Original Pink fragrance.



It is a big tub, and a little goes a long way so I know this will last me quite a long time, well I hope so anyway! I wouldn’t mind paying the full price for it in Boots, it’s most definitely worth it. We’ll see how long it lasts!

It has shea butter and aloe vera in it, so it leaves your skin so velvety soft. I’m aware I use that phrase a lot when it comes to products but this is just the nicest body moisturizer I have tried in a very long time.

It has such a thick consistency as well, but it doesn’t feel as if you’re rubbing it into your skin for ages and getting no-where with it. It is just the most perfect body butter I’ve ever tried. It sinks into your skin so nicely and it doesn’t leave your feeling greasy, sticky or weighed down.



The instructions say: After showering or bathing, smooth a generous handful of The Righteous Butter onto damp skin and massage lightly until it all sinks in. I usually just rub it into my dry skin and I find it works the same.



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