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Urban Decay All Nighter*



I was treated by my boyfriend to some Urban Decay goodies which surprised me. He’s never bought make up before so I was impressed.

I had never tried setting sprays before so I was so excited to try this. It is the travel sized bottle and I already know I’m going to buy the bigger bottle when this is all gone.

The packaging says it’s long lasting, oil free, paraben free and temperature control It definitely is long lasting I can vouch for that. Temperature control I’m not too sure about right now, but I’m willing to wait and see. I do have really oily skin and this keeps my make up on way longer than just my primer does.

It says to use this after applying make up, but I use it both before I apply my primers and then after I apply my full face of make up. You just have to shake up the bottle, and spray on. It says use x and t motions but I just spray all over my face.

There’s no particular scent which is good and it doesn’t leave any sore of sticky or greasy residue on your face which I am so thankful for. I was kind of scared when I first used this, because after the first time my face was wet and I was so confused but when it dried it was like magic!

I’m so impressed with this and would be willing to try a drugstore alternative, do any of you have any suggestions?

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!