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I have really been enjoying experimenting with eyeliner pens, as they are a lot easier to do winged liner looks with than gel. I have been using the Seventeen Precision Eyeliner Pen a lot lately.

This pen can give you various different looks depending on how you use it. The lines can also go from thin to thick whichever side you use to draw them and how heavy a hand you use.

The colour payoff is really good with this eyeliner and when it dries it stays black, unlike some which dry to a dark grey colour. So,you don’t really need to do loads of coats of this. It dries quite quickly, but it isn’t tough to edit any mistakes after applying.

It’s waterproof too, which is a must in eyeliners for me because I have such watery eyes!

Do you enjoy using eyeliner pens?

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Natural Collection Translucent Powder




Since I had eventually found a foundation which matched my skin tone pretty well, I didn’t want to mess it up by getting a powder which didn’t match. I trawled through boots to find a translucent powder and could only find one from Natural Collection which is a brand I don’t usually buy from. It’s actually Neutral Translucent too, so it’s cheating a bit.

I was hesitant trying this because I do prefer specific mattifying powders. It this one does a great job at keeping me matte which surprised me. It doesn’t overpower, or cover he colour of the foundation and looks seamless on the skin.

The only issue I have, and it’s because I’m not used to loose powders if the fallout. I wear black to work and when you’re in a rush and get there to discover you have powder all over your top isn’t the best feeling in the world.

This powder is definitely one for budget lovers as it’s so cheap but is good quality too!

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Collection Volumising Mascara



As all my mascaras were getting old, I needed a new one. I am quite particular with mascaras so I didn’t want to try something different but I did. I ventured into the world of Collection mascaras and I have to say, I’m impressed.

I bought the Volumising Mascara which says “Extra volume, waterproof” which is a pretty straightforward explanation. I got the shade 17 Ultra Black which I forgot to photograph, sorry!

I really like the mascara. It’s really waterproof, and survived through The Fault in Our Stars so it must be good! It is quite black, so you don’t need layers upon layers to achieve the black intensity.

The brush is really nice, I prefer the plastic type brushes to the ones with fibres as I feel they volumise and separate the lashes a lot better. This brush is no exception. Even after one layer of this mascara it gives that oomph that I look for and sometimes, if I wear two coats people ask if I’m wearing false lashes or extensions!

It’s such a good budget mascara and I think everyone should check it out!

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Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation





As I’ve said in my June Monthly Favourites I needed a new foundation for when I got that bit more tanned. I ventured to Boots when this one caught my eye. The lady, who was so helpful kept matching to my face, which is always slightly paler than my body. Which wasn’t what I wanted!

I ended up getting the shade 75 -Golden which when I first applied to my face freaked me out a little, because it was so much darker!

The foundation says it evens skin tone and blends away imperfections. Because I always used a matte foundation I was a bit weary but this foundation is my new love.

It gives really good coverage and does blend over imperfections, it makes you look as if your skin is flawless which mine definitely isn’t. I use a flat kabuki to apply this to my face and I just buff it in and it blends seamlessly into the skin and never leaves any streaks or lines. Although it is amazing coverage,it feels as if you have nothing on your skin which is amazing!

What I love about this foundation is that it adapts to your skin colour so even when it is blended it gives me the most perfect colour to match the rest of my body.

The lasting power is great, even through sweat this foundation stays on. Even when it does start to wear off it doesn’t look patchy or blotchy whatsoever so that’s an added bonus.

I cannot say enough good things about this foundation!

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June Favourites 2014


Although the month of June wasn’t my strongest blogging month, I’ve pushed everything aside today to do some planning! I did try out a bunch of new stuff in June, which are benefits of working in a shopping centre. Without further ado, I’ll dive on in.

Firstly there’s the Elvive Fibrology trio, which aren’t altogether in the picture but it’s the shampoo, conditioner and serum. I got samples of this line in my goody bag from the mini marathon and loved how my hair felt afterwards! These were 3 for €13 in Boots so I had to pick them up. I know they have the shampoo and conditioner on sale in Tesco too. They’re supposed to make your hair thicker after a time using them,so I can’t say if that works just yet but hold out for my review of these coming soon!

Aussie’s Miracle Hair Insurance I adore using leave in conditioners on the ends of my hair because they tend to get extremely dry, even when I’m not using heat products. As with all Aussie stuff, this smells incredible and has done wonders for my hair!

L’OREAL Skin Perfecting Purifying Gel Wash I have really been enjoying this face wash this month. It’s fresh and leaves your skin so clean. It controls oils and helps with breakouts too!

Macadamia Oil Extract Body Butter I found this little gem in the bargain shop next door to where I work. It was only €2 but is the quality of a body shop body butter. I love it. It’s thick, feels luxurious, moisturises beautifully and smells amazing. What more could you want?

Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation I was on the hunt for a foundation which would match my body better as it tanned. My foundation I had been using just for way too light and since my face has gotten a bit more tanned too, this makes it look like I have no foundation on! I am in love..

So that’s what I’ve been loving, how about you?

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What’s in my bag?






If you’re anything like me, which is super nosy, you’ll love reading these posts. I left it a while because there’s nothing really interesting to show you guys but I decided to do it anyway.

Beware this will be a lengthy post!

I’ve been using this pink Linea bag lately which I am in love with. It is pleather and has gold hardware which looks really classy. It has to handles but doesn’t have a long strap which is a quality I love in bags. It’s a nice shape and holds loads I bought this bag in a sale in House of Fraser last year for £30-35 and it was worth it!

It has loads of space. On the outside at the back there’s a wee zip pocket, there’s another one on the inside, a middle pocket, a phone pouch and another pouch and also the main compartment of the bag itself!

In the wee zipper pocket at the back, I usually keep my phone, some needles for my boyfriends insulin and any receipts, vouchers or lotto tickets I may have at that time. I throw crap into this pocket sometimes like packets of chewing gum tissues and lip balms.


On the inside in the wee zipper pocket I keep my house keys which have a tonne of key rings. This is because anywhere else they get lost! On the key rings there’s one from Wicked, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, photos and some club cards and also a cute hairbrush which is awkward to use to say the least!


In the phone and other pouch I throw small things like my key for work, bobby pins, bobbins and even more lip balms. If my asthma is particularly bad my inhaler goes here too!


In the big, middle zipped pocket I keep toiletries/medicine/random stuff. So right now I have a flu type thing so there’s some neurofen, sudafed, strepsils, motilium and anti histamine for hayfever. There’s my inhaler because I don’t need it as bad. A mini hair brush for when my hair is crazy. Some pens because I was using this for my college exams. Lipsticks because I usually have a thousand and one lip products in my bag. Deodrant because who wants to be smelly in work? And finally some tissues!


The main compartment is pretty much where everything else lives!


I live in Ireland so although it’s summer an umbrella is always needed In your bag.

I have my glasses for seeing and my sunglasses at all times. I don’t need glasses all the time just when reading or on a computer so they’re handy to have!


My purse at the moment is this cute Minnie Mouse one from the Disney store which was a gift from my boyfriend. It’s so classic looking and not at all child like. I keep the usual money and cards in here!




I have this make up bag from Pemneys with some wipes, anti bacterial hand gel, plasters, lady stuff, body spray, perfume and little bits in. I don’t know why I don’t put those stuff with the other random bits but it’s handier to whip out this way!



Lastly I have a make up bag to touch up my make up in work, which I rarely do. I have concealer, powder,blush,bronzer,mascara and eyeliner in here. The bag is so cute it has oranges on it and it’s not too big at all!



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Accessorising my black work clothes!






Wearing all black to work sometimes can be hard. Especially in the Summer when all you want to do is wear brighter colours. I find that by wearing some jewellery, it can change any outfit. I don’t think that wearing long necklaces, or big,bulky jewellery would work in a book shop because you’re constantly carrying boxes, tidying up, packing bags and they can just be a nuisance so these are the main jewellery pieces I have been going to, to liven up my outfits.

Firstly are rings and don’t worry I don’t wear them all at once in this style. As you can see I adore silver jewellery and I have a love/hate one with gold, so I own hardly any gold pieces. One statement rindgI have is my wishbone ring, the bottom on my ring finger. It’s really special to me and I never do anything without it on. The rest I wear on the equivalent of my ring finger on my right hand. It just depends what mood I’m in. I adore them all equally and I believe rings to be a subtle way to dress up any outfit.

I occasionally wear bracelets when I have time getting ready and these silver chain ones are handy because they don’t have a clasp and don’t come over my wrist so the don’t jangle everywhere or fall off. They don’t get in the way of anything and look really nice paired with black.

Finally earrings I have been wearing these teensy silver teardrop shaped earrings everyday. They were a gift from my boyfriends parentsand they are so beautiful. The photo doesn’t capture it at all!

If I’m feeling in the mods for something a bit more colourful, I’d go for this rose gold combo . I love the necklace with the birds it’s so cute and stands out against black tops really nicely. It also goes well with the rose gold bracelet!

That’s a bit about the jewellery I choose to wear to work!

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The infernal Devices – Cassandra Clare*

20140612-115908-43148299.jpgImage gotten from


Okay so I apologise for the two pictures, when going to photograph the books I had forgotten that my boyfriend currently had the first one!

I have been obsessed with this series lately and I cannot wait to read more books associated with the Shadowhunter world!

The Infernal Devices is a prequel that Cassandra Clare brought out the her book series called the Mortal Instruments which I talked about before.

I dont want to give too much away about the books so I’ll try explain it the best I can!

They are a series of young adult fantasy books, but just because they’re in the young adult section doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy them any less! They are so well written and Clare does a really good job in the books.

The books are a trio and the reading order is Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and finally Clockwork Princess They are really well named and the names mean something and link in with the books which I find that rarely happens lately.

Following on from the Mortal Instruments the books are about the world of Shadowhunters, Faeiries, Werewolves, Vampires, Demons and much more! It follows the London institute and Clare tries to incorporate new London in with old, which is a nice mixture. Places in the books are based on actual places and I love when those touches are added in.

They do have different characters as they are set many years before and the three main ones are Will, Tessa and Jem Obviously, as with all books there are other main characters but this trio are the characters which are mainly focused on in the books.

These books really touched my heart and tears were shed. To me, they are a love story with bits of sadness, grief, anger, action and anticipation all thrown in.

They highlight the need for good friendship, trust and honesty. They’re really good books to show a young person that once you have these qualities in your life, the rest will fall in place and whatever happens, happens

The books are so captivating that you don’t want to put them down once you pick them up. I read the last book, Clockwork Prince in a day and my heart broke!

As I mentioned above, I believe them to be mainly a love story, but that doesn’t mean that boys can’t read them either my boyfriend has almost finished the first book and he hasn’t put it down in his spare time. So really, it appeals to both sexes!

It’s so hard to describe them without giving anything away so I’ll link to where you can but them on Easons and you can read their descriptions to get a more individualised description of each book: clockwork angel clockwork prince and clockwork princess

Argan Smooth Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner*



I can speak for most of the girls in my house and say that these products are amazing!

I have quite oily roots and dry ends, so finding a shampoo and conditioner that worked well for both of those problems can be a bit of a nightmare. I’m not going to lie, when I saw these sitting in the bathroom I was totally apprehensive about using them because of the oily roots problem. I decided one day to give them a go and I just can’t get enough.

They both work well on their own but I find that if I use them as a set it’s more beneficial. My mam bought them in a chemist that’s in our town and they were €1.49 each for 250ml so it’s a complete steal.

The products contain Moroccan Argan oil but also silk proteins and say they leave your hair shiny and soft. I really noticed a difference in my hair after the first use. From root to tip it was so silky and the frizz was tamed! I only use a little bit of conditioner on the bare ends of my hair, sometimes working up to around mid length if I need extra moisture. I lather up my shampoo twice so I get a good clean. It doesn’t make my hair more oily which I was terrified of., it has actually helped the condition of my roots too!

The shampoo lathers up really well and doesn’t take ages to do so. The conditioner washes out really easily too, which is a good quality. The scent is amazing. It reminds me of being on holiday for some reason.

I can’t get enough of this pair and if you can find it you should try it out!

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Benefit Hoola*




Everyone and their granny has something to say about Hoola from Benefit, so I am late to the auld bandwagon. Also, as you can see I had a sample sized pot. I got this in a Benefit set at Christmas!

I never really use bronzer. It’s not that I don’t like it or anything. In the Winter my skin gets too pale for a regular bronzer, unless I want to be sun goddess on the top and then Olaf on the bottom. I don’t fake tan regularly because I don’t see the point. When I’m making the trek to college and 7am it’s the least of my worries. Lately however, my skin has gotten a bit of a colour and I have been using bronzer!

I’ve been trying contouring and honestly, I still haven’t got the hang of it so I just need to find the product that work well for me and Hoola isn’t that right now.

Since I started to work in Easons, the lights can make you look pale and tired so I’ve been using Hoola to just bring a bit of warmth to my face. Nobody wants to be served by a vampire looking person.

Hoola, as you all well know is a matte bronzer. It has no shimmer whatsoever, and I like that! It’s a really nice texture, it blends really well. It looks really natural on the skin, especially when using a light hand. The colour is quite pigmented, so you don’t really need that much. Of course as with most make up, it’s most definitely buildable so you can achieve whatever bronzed look you’re after! It doesn’t look orange on me but I know my sister said it looked orange on her so I’m not sure if it’s because she is a lot paler than I am?

I have been applying this to my forehead, my chin, my cheeks a bit and a teensy bit on my nose. I use a big fluffy brush as I find that it blends it out really well and distributes the product nicely.

It’s €34 for the full sized product and since this little one had lasted me ages I can only imagine how long the full one would last so it’s really good value for money! You can get it at Boots, Debenhams and House of Fraser.

Let me know what your guys opinion of Hoola is in the comments below!

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