My DIY Summer Pedicure!

So as we all know, when Summer approaches we want to break out the flip flops, sandals and just bare feet in general. But uh-oh, you kind of neglected your feet throughout Winter and no one wants to look at them, not even you. So when you decide to get them out of hiding, this is what could work for you too.

Firstly gather up your supplies. I used some clean on me,Epsom salts, heel genius, a nail file, nail clippers, a cuticle pusher, nail polish : Barry m nail paint in coral, wet’n’wild mega last in club Havana, Rimmel I love lasting perfection in sunshine. I also used a black nail art pen that I forgot to picture, cotton pads, nail polish remover and mango scrub.


First things first, remove old nail polish. This is a good thing to start with as who likes to have a bajillion layers on nail polish on? Not me anyway!


Then I added some Clean on Me and Epsom Salts to my Foot spa and soaked my feet for around ten minutes. This is so relaxing and softens both hard skin and your nails. My one vibrates too, so it feels like your at the spa!


Next is to scrub, scrub, scrub! You want to try to scrub off some of that dead skin! I used my Boots Mango Body Scrub because it smells so good and summery too!


Next is to remove the calluses, clip those claws and push back them cuticles! You want to make your feet look fabulous.


Now to begin painting! I started with a base coat of Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails, Hard as Wraps


Then, since I was doing ombré style nails, I used a white base coat to make the colours pop more. I used NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in white, excuse the mess, well clean it up later!


I tried using the sponge but it didn’t work at all so then I just painted it ombré style. The colours I used was Rimmel I love lasting Finish in Sunshine, WetnWild Megalast in Club Havana and Barry M Nail Paint in Coral and I just layered them on and made them look blended, well tried to anyway! On my remaining toes I painted the with the coral colour.


Then, I used a black nail art pen and painted a palm tree and a bird on one big toe and a boat and birds on the other. I think they turned out quite well!


Lastly I slathered on some heel genius and let that soak in!

Here’s some more pictures of my pedicure!


alt=”20140717-134505-49505397.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />

Now I am in no way good at nails but I was asked by Julep to take part in a fun, summer pedicure challenge! Julep have gorgeous shades out at the minute!

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



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