Collection Volumising Mascara



As all my mascaras were getting old, I needed a new one. I am quite particular with mascaras so I didn’t want to try something different but I did. I ventured into the world of Collection mascaras and I have to say, I’m impressed.

I bought the Volumising Mascara which says “Extra volume, waterproof” which is a pretty straightforward explanation. I got the shade 17 Ultra Black which I forgot to photograph, sorry!

I really like the mascara. It’s really waterproof, and survived through The Fault in Our Stars so it must be good! It is quite black, so you don’t need layers upon layers to achieve the black intensity.

The brush is really nice, I prefer the plastic type brushes to the ones with fibres as I feel they volumise and separate the lashes a lot better. This brush is no exception. Even after one layer of this mascara it gives that oomph that I look for and sometimes, if I wear two coats people ask if I’m wearing false lashes or extensions!

It’s such a good budget mascara and I think everyone should check it out!

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



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