June Favourites 2014


Although the month of June wasn’t my strongest blogging month, I’ve pushed everything aside today to do some planning! I did try out a bunch of new stuff in June, which are benefits of working in a shopping centre. Without further ado, I’ll dive on in.

Firstly there’s the Elvive Fibrology trio, which aren’t altogether in the picture but it’s the shampoo, conditioner and serum. I got samples of this line in my goody bag from the mini marathon and loved how my hair felt afterwards! These were 3 for €13 in Boots so I had to pick them up. I know they have the shampoo and conditioner on sale in Tesco too. They’re supposed to make your hair thicker after a time using them,so I can’t say if that works just yet but hold out for my review of these coming soon!

Aussie’s Miracle Hair Insurance I adore using leave in conditioners on the ends of my hair because they tend to get extremely dry, even when I’m not using heat products. As with all Aussie stuff, this smells incredible and has done wonders for my hair!

L’OREAL Skin Perfecting Purifying Gel Wash I have really been enjoying this face wash this month. It’s fresh and leaves your skin so clean. It controls oils and helps with breakouts too!

Macadamia Oil Extract Body Butter I found this little gem in the bargain shop next door to where I work. It was only €2 but is the quality of a body shop body butter. I love it. It’s thick, feels luxurious, moisturises beautifully and smells amazing. What more could you want?

Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation I was on the hunt for a foundation which would match my body better as it tanned. My foundation I had been using just for way too light and since my face has gotten a bit more tanned too, this makes it look like I have no foundation on! I am in love..

So that’s what I’ve been loving, how about you?

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



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