Accessorising my black work clothes!






Wearing all black to work sometimes can be hard. Especially in the Summer when all you want to do is wear brighter colours. I find that by wearing some jewellery, it can change any outfit. I don’t think that wearing long necklaces, or big,bulky jewellery would work in a book shop because you’re constantly carrying boxes, tidying up, packing bags and they can just be a nuisance so these are the main jewellery pieces I have been going to, to liven up my outfits.

Firstly are rings and don’t worry I don’t wear them all at once in this style. As you can see I adore silver jewellery and I have a love/hate one with gold, so I own hardly any gold pieces. One statement rindgI have is my wishbone ring, the bottom on my ring finger. It’s really special to me and I never do anything without it on. The rest I wear on the equivalent of my ring finger on my right hand. It just depends what mood I’m in. I adore them all equally and I believe rings to be a subtle way to dress up any outfit.

I occasionally wear bracelets when I have time getting ready and these silver chain ones are handy because they don’t have a clasp and don’t come over my wrist so the don’t jangle everywhere or fall off. They don’t get in the way of anything and look really nice paired with black.

Finally earrings I have been wearing these teensy silver teardrop shaped earrings everyday. They were a gift from my boyfriends parentsand they are so beautiful. The photo doesn’t capture it at all!

If I’m feeling in the mods for something a bit more colourful, I’d go for this rose gold combo . I love the necklace with the birds it’s so cute and stands out against black tops really nicely. It also goes well with the rose gold bracelet!

That’s a bit about the jewellery I choose to wear to work!

Thanks for reading! ‘Til next post!



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