The infernal Devices – Cassandra Clare*

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Okay so I apologise for the two pictures, when going to photograph the books I had forgotten that my boyfriend currently had the first one!

I have been obsessed with this series lately and I cannot wait to read more books associated with the Shadowhunter world!

The Infernal Devices is a prequel that Cassandra Clare brought out the her book series called the Mortal Instruments which I talked about before.

I dont want to give too much away about the books so I’ll try explain it the best I can!

They are a series of young adult fantasy books, but just because they’re in the young adult section doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy them any less! They are so well written and Clare does a really good job in the books.

The books are a trio and the reading order is Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and finally Clockwork Princess They are really well named and the names mean something and link in with the books which I find that rarely happens lately.

Following on from the Mortal Instruments the books are about the world of Shadowhunters, Faeiries, Werewolves, Vampires, Demons and much more! It follows the London institute and Clare tries to incorporate new London in with old, which is a nice mixture. Places in the books are based on actual places and I love when those touches are added in.

They do have different characters as they are set many years before and the three main ones are Will, Tessa and Jem Obviously, as with all books there are other main characters but this trio are the characters which are mainly focused on in the books.

These books really touched my heart and tears were shed. To me, they are a love story with bits of sadness, grief, anger, action and anticipation all thrown in.

They highlight the need for good friendship, trust and honesty. They’re really good books to show a young person that once you have these qualities in your life, the rest will fall in place and whatever happens, happens

The books are so captivating that you don’t want to put them down once you pick them up. I read the last book, Clockwork Prince in a day and my heart broke!

As I mentioned above, I believe them to be mainly a love story, but that doesn’t mean that boys can’t read them either my boyfriend has almost finished the first book and he hasn’t put it down in his spare time. So really, it appeals to both sexes!

It’s so hard to describe them without giving anything away so I’ll link to where you can but them on Easons and you can read their descriptions to get a more individualised description of each book: clockwork angel clockwork prince and clockwork princess


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