Tesco Body Butter





When my Dove body cream ran out I knew I needed some form of body butter because my skin just isn’t as hydrated when I use a cream or lotion. I don’t live close enough to a Body Shop or a Boots that sells body butters, unless our Boots just wasn’t stocked well that day. I took my needs over to a Tesco where I stumbled upon their own branded body butter. I wouldn’t ever use a product just because it’s an own brand so I was happy to pop it into my basket.

It cost me €3 from what I can remember, I tried to find the link online but I couldn’t! It’s a nice sized tub and you get 200ml so it’s a good price.

It’s not the nicest of packaging but that’s okay! The stickers will probably curl off at the edges soon but that’s just what well have to deal with!

It contains cocoa butter, shea butter and also vitamin e which are amazing for your skin. I like when body butters have cocoa and shea butter combined – my skin seems to drink it up.

The description says: Tesco moisturising body butter is a rich, luxurious creme that will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and intensively moisturised. To use you just apply liberally all over your body, preferably after your shower. I try to use this both morning and night but sometimes that doesn’t work out! I just rub it all over and leave it to sink in fully. I like to apply a bit extra to my elbows and knees which get really dry!

The scent is nice and light, it’s not overpowering at all. It lingers on my skin a bit, but as I said it stays really subtle. The consistency is lovely. It’s not too thick that it feels like you’ll never get it absorbed, but not too thin that it doesn’t feel hydrating.

Overall this is a really good body butter and I’d be happy to repurchase it!

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



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