H&M wet wipes



I know you’re probably thinking ‘What a weird thing to review?’ but I couldn’t not talk about these little lifesavers!

H&M have brought out these mini wet wipes to throw in your handbag or make up bag for when you need them. They come in array of scents and I’ve tried four already. This is the last pack I had in my handbag and it’s the fresh vanilla scent. All the scents I’ve tried are really wonderful and don’t linger on the skin.

Each packet is 95 cents which is so cheap and reasonable because I always buy a few packets when I’m in the store. I always have some in my bag now and although there are only ten, i don’t work through them too quickly.

I use them with anti bacterial hand gel if I’m out before I eat and I use them to refresh my body and face too. I’ve even used them as a make up remover wipe when I was away and was stuck.

The packets are so cute and dainty and I have really been enjoying these new handbag essentials.

Does anyone else carry around little wet wipes with them?

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



One response

  1. I couldn’t be without a packet of wipes in my handbag now I use them for getting rid of panda eyes to de-stickying the kids.

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