Boots Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll On




When my last eye cream ran out, I was in a bit of a pickle. I didn’t live close to anywhere which sold Benefit, so I decided to pop into Boots to see what they had. I like to have something. To brighten up my eyes because I do get dark circles. I don’t particularly get puffiness so I decided to try out this Boots Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll On in All Bright I had tried the cream cleanser from this brand previously and really enjoyed it.

I got this on sale and it was €6.74 and yourse saving almost half price because usually it’s around €13. It’s also still on sale herehere

Now I have to say I much prefer It’s Potent because I feel is does a better job at prolonging the brightening effect the cream gives. It helps to reduce the dark circles significantly. The roll on is quite good, but it just doesn’t have that same effect.

It doesn’t brighten my dark circles as much as I want it to, but that also depends on how bad they are. If they’re not too bad it brightens them well enough, but on most days it just does an okay job.

The consistency is lovely. It’s really light but it does take a few minutes to sink into your skin. It doesn’t feel heavy around your eyes whatsoever and when it sinks in it feels so soft and refreshed. The metal ball applicator would help with puffiness, but as I said before I don’t particularly suffer with that. It feels lovely on your skin in the early mornings because it helps you to wake up a. It. Or that’s probably just me.

Anyway, I would repurchase it if I was stuck again and I will use it all up, but it think I’ll have to go back to Benefit or try another brightening eye cream.

Do you guys have a favourite eye cream?

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



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