My Summer holidays finally happened..

I wanted to do kind of a rambly, chatty post today and I hope it’s okay with everybody! It’s really going to be me explaining my delight at finishing my second year in college. Second year! I honestly don’t know where this past academic year has gone, let alone 2014! It feels like I blinked last September and poof we’re here!

I study Social Care in college and basically I can work with any sector so from babies up to elderly people and in all types of situations such as care homes, addiction, disabilities, Juvenile Liason Officer, and much, much more! I always knew I wanted to work with children and young people, in particular I wanted to be a teacher.Something in my final year of secondary school made me change my mind though and I’m so glad it did.

Second year has been tough and there has been many angry,sad,exasperated,exhausted and frustrated days had. I was on placement for the first semester and I didn’t particularly enjoy it so i thought going back to lectures would be better. Wrong. It was so hard to get back into the swing of things and honestly, I just have not cared one bit. Yeah, I was worried a bit but really, I’m just glad to be on my Summer holidays. However the weather in Ireland isn’t particularly nice, boo!

To start off my holidays I done a serious amount of baking because I had been looking forward to having time to bake since Christmas! I baked vanilla sweet shop cupcakes, teacup cupcakes and strawberry and I’ll add some pictures in below!

I’m also doing a Mini Marathon which is 10k in 11 days and I’m doing it for Team Diabetes Ireland as it is a matter close to my heart as my boyfriend was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes just weeks before we started going out back in 2011 so i got my pack in the post and I’m excited!



Thanks for reading my blabbering. ‘Til next post!



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