Lasting Perfection






Excuse the red lipstick stain, I was swatching something else and never even realised 😦

I’ve never tried the cult Collection concealer, but I did go ahead and buy their Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation. I desperately needed a new foundation but I was so broke, and this one was on sale for 5.99 so it was a bargain. Since everyone loves the concealer I thought I’d give it a go.

The foundation says it’s ’16 hours wear, oil free, SPF 20, Flawless Coverage and Minimises Imperfections.’

I bought the shade Ivory 2 as I felt that it matched my skin tone quite well. When I start getting a bit more tanned, hopefully during the Summer, this won’t match, but until then it’ll do the job!

I really like this foundation. I use a primer underneath, just because my skin is oily and at times foundation doesn’t really stay on my skin. As this foundation is oil free, it stays really well on my skin. I really like the consistency of this foundation and the way it blends is amazing. It’s not too runny which is good. I applied it with my Real Techniques sponge and my MUA stippling brush and both ways it looks really natural. It doesn’t look cakey whatsoever and it leaves a flawless, poreless finish. The coverage is great. It covers imperfections nicely, but I did need concealer to cover the leftover redness.

It’s not mattifying, which I thought it would be even though it never said anywhere it would. I usually go for mattifying foundations but I really like the finish that this one gives my skin, so maybe I’ll branch out and try others!

As for 16hours wear, I’m not too sure. Maybe it’s just my skin but I’d say I get around 8 hours wear before needing to top it up so it’s good enough to me. I’m sure other people with less oilier skin this would be a great long wearing foundation.

The SPF 20 is good for the sunnier days we’ve been getting since Spring has sprung. I use an acne treatment, and I have to be super careful with sun cream on my face because without it I could burn to a crisp quite quickly! So with it added to the foundation it makes it easier for those days that it doesn’t feel like you need a full on sun cream slathered onto your skin.

I would try the concealer now that I love the foundation and I can’t wait to try it!

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



2 responses

  1. littlecitybird | Reply

    I use the concealer and I absolutely love it! I think i’d give this a go now aswell after reading your post, maybe i’ll wait till theres a 3 for 2 offer on in Boots!x

    1. I know everyone loves the concealer but I had never gotten around to trying it but this foundation is amazing! Yeah do cause when the offers are on it’s so much better value! I need to get the concealer soon I’m dying to try it x

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