A wee haul – Primark,H&M,Boots and more..

I have been doing a little bit of shopping lately, and decided t share with you guys what I got. Nothing is actually too exciting, I’ve repurchased a lot of toiletries that have run out on me. I hate when this happens, and it does to me all at once.

I first bought some new Skechers. I was in desperate need of some new runners for training in because I shrunk my old ones. How I hear you ask, because I didn’t know that the tumble dryer worked on the washer/dryer and that’s how. I really liked this grey and blue pair and they also have a bit of pink which is my favourite colour. They’re Agility Rewind trainers and with my 10% student discount they were a very reasonable 45Euro.


I took a trip to H&M because I always see black items of clothing in their store. I didn’t actually see much this trip but I did manage to get two tops and a cardigan. As it’s the Summer I wanted to get a light cardigan and I found a super light one here. It is long and has long sleeves, but when you’re wearing it, it feels like you’ve not got one on. This was 9.95E. I got a really light t-shirt that will be kind of loose and has a small pocket. I have no black t-shirts and thought that this would go well with both jeans and skirts, this was 7.95E. The other top I bought was this three quarter sleeved top, it’s nothing particularly special, this was also 7.95E.

Excuse the blurry and bad pictures I don’t know why I didn’t rotate these?


In Penneys, sticking with the clothes side of the haul, I bought this black skater dress. It’s so summery and light and I thought it would be perfect for any days that were too hot. It’s not revealing at all on the top and it has t-shirt kind of sleeves which I was looking out for. This was a whopping 7Euro! I also bought some black super skinny jeans. The size smaller didn’t fit and I’m afraid these ones will be swimming on me, I still haven’t tried them on I’m just believing in myself. These were only 8Euro. I also bought some black ballerina pumps because I realised I had no black shoes. They have cute rose gold metal aglets and are quite comfortable, these were only 5Euro.


I also bought staples in Penneys which are socks. I got plain coloured ‘regular’ socks for 2.50Euro but I also bought these amazing DC ankle socks for 3.50Euro. I’m a huge fan of DC comics so I had to have these. There were some Batman ones but I’ve worn those! I also bought some black tights which were 3 airs for 4.00Euro.



Now onto beauty, I bought this two pack of Sure deodorant in Penneys for 4Euro because they’re perfect for throwing in your handbag and for top ups throughout the day if you feel it necessary. I usually use roll on deodorant but it’s so much quicker to spray these when you’re out and you don’t have to wait for your pits to dry. Classy.


Hair products I bought were just two repurchases. I got the Batiste Light and Blonde dry shampoo which I love! It’s only 4Euro in my local pharmacy s it’s the same price as the regular one in Tesco! I also got the Guardian Angel Heat Protectant which I also love. This was only 3.49 Euro which is great value. They work well for me and I don’t think I’ll be changing them up any time soon.


For my body I repurchased the Nivea Firming Oil. As I said in my last empties post I don’t use this for toning or firming I use it to get rid of my stretch marks which I got throughout puberty. It works really well and my stretch marks have faded significantly but I’m in the habit of using it now, and it leaves my skin so soft! It can be expensive in some places but I bought it for around 4Euro in Tesco. I bought a new bod cream and this is the Dove Purely Pampering one with shea butter and warm vanilla. It smells amazing and I got this on sale in boots for around 3.50 Euro, such a bargain!


I really like having stuff to clean my hands in my handbag, some people think it’s weird! H&M have brought out new mini wipes for your face and hands and I have tried two of the other scents but I decided to try these ones this time! I bot the Fresh Vanilla scent which is amazing! I also got the Bamboo Orchid scent which is good too. The wipes are 95cents each. I also got the antibacterial hand gel from Penneys. Unlike others, this smells so good, almost fruity and sinks into the skin instantly. It’s good for when they’re no soap in the bathroom, or you’re dealing with money a lot. The gel is 1 Euro.


I did buy some face products and I got this Nivea Regenerating Night cream to try from Tesco for around 3.60Euro. I bought standard cotton pads for 65 cents. I also needed a new eye cream for my dark circles and went with this Boots Botanics All bright eye roll on. It was on sale for 6 something in Boots. I also bought these three facemasks. One is a peppermint, another chocolate and orange and then lastly olive oil and shea butter.


And lastly, some make-up! I got this Natural Beeswax Lipbalm in Penneys because they’re amazing and work really well, this was 1.50Euro. I also got two products from the Barry M Gelly Range because they were 2 for 10Euro in Boots. I got the polish in Guava and then the red coloured lip product also. I was in desperate need of a primer and I decided to try this Catrice Prime and Fine which was around 4.50Euro.



Thanks for reading my super long post, you;re a saint if you stuck around this long! Til next time..



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