Sarah and Paraic’s Unexpected Journey

I’m no means a hiker, but on Easter Sunday, I know delayed post or what, myself and my boyfriend went hiking in the Mourne Mountains. Ireland has some of the most beautiful  landscapes, and you can see that in the amazing show that is Game of Thrones. We often go on weekends away to Carlingford, a little village in North Eastern Ireland. It’s so close to the border of Northern Ireland and is bordered by the Mourne Mountains.

We packed up a picnic and made our way up the mountain. It was a truly beautiful day and the heat was unreal. The views were outstanding, it was the first time I had even gone hiking. We didn’t expect it to take almost 4 hours whatsoever. We walked through forests and higher up the mountains and ended up at Slieve Foy picnic area. On the way back we weren’t expecting to be ‘proper’ hiking through sludge, over stones and on top of forests. It was an experience all right.

The view and sights were truly breathtaking. honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it always surprised me. I think that on a clearer day, which is a bit brighter, the views would be even more beautiful. 

I can’t wait to go again and do a different trail! I think we’ll be more prepared when this day comes, we know what to expect now!

Do you guys like hiking or mountain climbing?

Check out some of my pictures and I’ll see you in the next post!











5 responses

  1. I would love to visit Ireland! Seems like such a gorgeous place!

    1. I love exploring new places here! My boyfriend has a holiday home in the little village and we had never gone up the mountain before but it was spectacular.. As I mentioned most of Game of Thrones is filmed here and it shows off the beauty really well! And we always welcome Americans here too 🙂

      1. That sounds amazing! I have never watched game of thrones, but my brother and sister in law do. They say that I need to watch it. I entered my cousin and I in this win a trip contest and if we win (although I highly doubt) Ireland is on our list! 🙂

      2. Yeah the show really does the beautiful sights justice and there’s parts which are filmed less than an hour away from my house so throughout the summer myself and Paraic are going to visit them all hopefully.. That’s really really cool and I hope you do win! It’s funny because Americans want to visit Ireland but were all dying to go to America!

      3. Hopefully we’ll be going to Florida and perhaps Minneapolis or Texas!

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