Fitness Plans!

Now, I may be jumping right on to the old bandwagon here, but I, like most of you guys is trying to be a bit more healthier. I’m not doing it for anyone else but myself, I’m not even setting a target weight. If I tell you guys though, I have > to stick with it!

I really enjoy exercise and I do workout at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes a go. I do a class called HIIT and basically it’s high -intensity interval training. We do our regular warm up and then pick a point on the circuit. You spend 30 seconds at each station and then you move on. Sounds easy? It’s really tough! Last week we had a 19 station circuit and doing that 3 times really took it out of us! Anyway, each class, the circuit changes so it’s never ever the same. The exercises are all a mix of cardio, strength and plyometrics (which is a fancy word for jumping basically!) so a normal circuit would have some sort of weights exercise, abs, trx and cardio. There are loads of benefits to a HIIT workout, and those are: you burn more calories and burn more fat throughout the workout, you burn more fat 24 hours after the workout!, you higher your metabolism, have a healthier heart and I’m sure there’s tonnes more.

You can see a fat burning example of HIIT here

On days where I’m not doing that, I’ve been going cycling, and using some exercise machines that we have by our beach. I do 8 minutes on the rower, 15 minutes on the cross trainer, leg presses, the surfer – which is for abs, shoulder press and chest press. And then I cycle back home. I’ve been doing this because I enjoy it, I love the beach and they are usually empty. I plan on doing it a lot more in the Summer, but with studying for exams it’s hard to have time for everything!



I’m not exactly going on a diet either. I know what you’re probably thinking, I’m not giving it my all. I find it extremely difficult to stick to a diet, or healthy eating regime. So I’ve decided that I would just phase out the junk, chocolate and crisps. Even if I cut back on that I’d be so happy. I do want to snack healthier because that’s my downfall. When I’m bored I eat crap, then feel horrible about it. I want to drink more water, I do get at least 2 litres a day anyway, I just want to keep that up. Try to have whole grain when I can- you know pasta and rice and stuff.

I like cute, motivational pictures. I’m not a fan of getting pictures of stick thin girls with a flat stomach to be my target. So here are some of my favourites!





And that’s the end to my rambling! Is anyone else trying to be healthier?

Thanks for reading. ’til next post!



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