Lazy Day Makeup




I very rarely wear my full face of make up if I have errands to do or am going to spend a lazy evening at my boyfriends. In fact, if I wear makeup at all it’s a miracle! I decided to share my quick and easy make up routine I do when necessary. Also, apologies for my make up face shot, the lighting was bad and I’m using my iPad and nothing worked for me!

Anyway, I never use foundation on these lazy days so I start with concealer I use the Catrice Camouflage Cream and I just put this on my dark under eye circles and any blemishes that have popped up. I like to conceal a little bit, especially my under eyes. This concealer is so lovely, and creamy and goes on so well. Then, I do my eyebrows with my Sleek Eyebrow Duo and I just use the powder side. I fill em in and then brush them out to make it more natural, nothing too exciting! I also fix them with my clear gel from H&M For eyes, I primed using my Rimmel Exaggerate Primer I just do light eyeshadow I used my Benefit Luv it Up set. I used the two shades thanks a latte and call my buff. I lined my eyes with my Catrice Waterproof Eyeliner Pen and I just did a standard line across my lid, sticking as close to the lash line as possible to give a bit more definition. For mascara I used Benefits They’re Real as it is amazing and I love it! I highlighted my browbone with my Catrice made to Stay Eye Highliter just to lift my eyes. For powder, I used my Catrice All Matte powder as I want to keep those pesky oils at bay. It’s light and doesn’t go cakey, so I love it . And finally, for blush I used my trusty Milani Luminoso as I love it and it gives an amazingly natural glow to the face.

That’s what I do. Do you have a quick routine you do when being lazy but need to be put together?

Thanks for reading. ’til next post!



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