Impulse Buying – Are you splurging or saving?


I was asked by a new website called Raise to have a chat with all of you about my impulse buys and how I shop sales. Raise is a website where you can buy and sell unwanted gift cards, at discounted prices which is really cool. There isn’t any other website like this and you could really get a good bargain with this!

I really love this idea and they have done up an amazing blogpost which talks about different ways you think you may be saving, when really, it works out more expensive in the long run! When I sat down and read this last night, honestly I hadn’t even though of the sites like groupon or subscription boxes that way, you think you’re getting a bargain, but you’re not? So why are we all hooked on them?

Anyway, I’m not particularly an impulse buyer. A reason of this could be that I’m a student trying to afford the basics. Anyway, it doesn’t mean I haven’t splurged at that oh my god I need this moment I definitely bought the Naked 2 palette this way. I was always so jealous of people on YouTube who had it, and for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I was on a flight to Rome with my boyfriend and saw it in the inflight shopping catalogue and it was €36 and I just had to have it. I bought it before the seatbelt sign was turned off. I fell in love with it and even started playing with it there and then! I thought I was saving loads because airplane/airport shopping is always seen as being cheaper. I think I saved around €8 because it’s only €44 in the shops. Something inside me had to have it at that price though.

I live in Ireland, so it’s split into Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. As NI is part of the UK they use the sterling currency. When the exchange rate is good, you do get good bargains. However, it’s never particularly good when I went up. I was in Belfast with my boyfriend last Summer and we were strolling through House of Fraser and my eyes fell on this pink handbag. I am a handbag sucker, I have tonnes. But I fell in love. I held off going to check it out until after I looked through the whole shop. When I went over it was on sale! 50% seems good to me? I got so excited and my heart started beating really fast. Did I mention I have a problem? Anyway, I think it was something around the £36 or £37 pound mark. I remember at the time it was almost €50 and when I checked my bank balance I was like whoa what happened here? I always get caught out with the exchange rate, whoops! I don’t regret it though, not one bit.

Other times would be when I’m at the checkout, and you know how in most shops they have wee bits and bobs around the checkout and you’re like wow these are great they usually are all less than or around a fiver so you begin picking up lots and soon you figure out you have one of everything but you can’t put them back down cause they’re such a bargain? Yeah at most times I’m that girl head in hands Thinking about it I probably spend more ere than I do buying whatever I was getting in the first place.

I can’t think of many other moments where my impulses have taken over, but I don’t doubt that there have been many, many of those moments.

I’m probably like all other girls, and love shopping in sales. There’s something about getting a bargain that we love. Although, you may not have needed half the stuff you have bought! I’m a terrible person though, I’ll say these tips and probably get that sale crazy mode and just buy everything I see. So here are a few of my tips for shopping in sales!

1: Shop around! Have you been looking at a pair of shoes for ages? You may want to buy them in the first sale you see, but they could be even cheaper in the next shop! I know, it happens to me all the time..

2: I love make up and skincare when it’s on sale, and I always check back to Debenhams website because they have brands that I love. If I want a palette say, and I know that I don’t need it at that moment, I’d usually wait and buy it in the sale. Or there might be a free gift with purchase promotion on. It just gives you that bit extra for your money.

3: Don’t shop sales with girls. I always spend ten times more shopping with girls than I do with my boyfriend. Girls are enablers when shopping, I always make anyone I’m with buy whatever they’re looking at. When you shop with boys, or someone who has no interest in shopping, you’re less likely to buy all the unnecessary things.

4: Do you really need that top in 20 different colours? Even though they’re €2 each. People buy one item in all the colours because they’re so cheap. I bet that half the clothes in wardrobes after sales sit there for months with the tags on.

5: When there is money off, or 20-50% promotions is a good time to shop. Although be wary because it could be 50% if you buy two of our products €40 or more. So read the find print.

Do you guys have any stories about impulse buying, or any sales tips for me?

Thanks for reading. ’til next post!


this post was not sponsored or paid for in any way, I was approached with the topic to post if I wished to


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