Club Havana





Whilst in Newry the last time, I discovered a WetnWild stand in one of the pharmacys and got so excited. I was really spoiled for choice and honestly, couldn’t decide what to get. It was so cool to me because I heard that some places here in the Emerald Isle sold WetnWild bit had never seen anywhere to have a stand. Anyway, it was close to closing time and we had to go food shopping so I just grabbed a nail polish because I just had to get something!

I chose a polish from their megalast line. It says it is “salon nail Color” and has a “manicurve pro brush.” I adore the brush on is polish, it gives a really nice, even layer, and you don’t need to keep going over parts you’ve done to cover up parts you missed. You really don’t miss that glumly polish look when you experience the true smoothness this gives the polish on your nail! I never have and good luck with polishes so I’m hoping this one lasts at least two days. I have high hopes don’t I?

So I. Ought the colour E2112 Club Havana hence the name. It stood out to me above all the other colours. I have never owned an orange or orangey nail polish so it’s really exciting! And to me, it is a pretty much true orange shade.

I used my Jessica Brilliance polish for a base and top coat and this is meant to set polish and make it last, prevent chipping, yellowing and smudging too! I used only one coat of Club Havana and just look how pigmented it is. I mean, it’s such a strong colour and isn’t too sheer, I really am so impressed. The consistency is so lovely, it’s not too thick, but as I said it’s not too sheer. It’s just right and I find that a hard quality to find in nail polishes lately.

I just know that this is going to be a staple nail polish for me for Summer. I can’t wait to try more of this line!

Do you have a favourite nail polish for Summer?

Thanks for reading. ’til next post!



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