April Favourites 2014


So April didn’t see many favourites on my part – I’ve been so busy! I did manage to gather up a few to show though!

Yankee Candle in Black Cherry I adore candles, especially Yankee ones, as do most people. I got this big jar a while back and it’s just amazing. I adore fruitier scents especially coming into Spring and Summer, so this is amazing. It’s not too overbearing. I just cannot describe my love for it enough!

Catrice Waterproof Eyeliner I needed a new pen liner as I just wanted something to do cat eyes easier and quicker, and pens are just the job for it. You get perfect effortless lines everytime. This one was around €3 or so, making it super affordable. I need the waterproof formula as my eyes are quite runny, which is irritating but I don’t mind. I find it lasts longer than the regular formula pen too.

H&M EyebrowFix I was never bothered with anything eyebrowy other than filling them in and getting them shaped. I decided to try the clear gel fix, like clear mascara. I got this one from H&M and it was either €3.99 or €2.99 I’m not too sure. I did include it in a recent haul though. I actually love it. I find my powder stays on much longer and they hold their shape a lot better. I can’t believe I never had this in my life!

P.S Love lipstick I bought this in penneys, or Primark for all my UK gals. It was€2 and was also included in the afore mentioned haul. It’s a gorgeous, really bright coraly/orangey shade. It’s so silky and smooth and feels amazing on the lips. It doesn’t dry out too much or leave a ring around your lips as it wears off. It’s really hydrating too. I adore it and I want to try more!

Garnier Fresh Clarifying Wash I needed a new Facewash and this one was an amazing €2.79. I really enjoy other Garnier face products, especially their toner. This wash is amazing. I did review it so I won’t say too much about it. It keeps my oil balanced and my skin matte. It’s so lovely to use!

Infernal Devices Clockwork Prince I adored the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and I started the infernal Devices series in January but one thing and another and I just didn’t have time to read after that. I started the second book recently and love it. I’ve been reading it non stop.

Thanks for reading. ’til next post!



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