Yankee Love





So again, I’m branching away from beauty products. What do you guys think of posts like these?

Anyway, I know candles don’t particularly excite others as much as me. But this is the first ever candle I’ve owned at home and have been allowed to light whenever I want and in my bedroom. I know, I’m 19 buts that’s the truth! My mam always was a bit apprehensive of candles and as she isn’t a huge candle lighter, she never understood why I love them so much.

I love them because they are so calming, the scent ranges are just fantastic and they kind of remind me of Harry Potter because there were freakin’ loads of candles around Hogwarts!

I’d always take a wander into shops and smell all of their candles and be so annoyed I couldn’t have any at home. I especially love the Yankee Candles and me and my wee brother love going in and smelling them!

I got this as a gift from my boyfriend when we were in Newry a few weeks ago. We went to a Yankee Candle shop and hello, I was in heaven! I knew there were Yankee Candle shops, but I never saw one in Ireland before! It was on sale for £12 I think which is really good value because it is the largest jar. I can’t wait to get another one!

It’s black cherry scented which I love! I bought my mam the oil burner version of this. It she hardly ever used it, I was raging! I love how it fills up our bedroom and I find it so therapeutic, especially whilst doing assignments or generally when I feel down.

I am just so excited to finally be allowed light candles in my bedroom, does that mean I’m maturing, I dunno? It’s the little things in life that make me happy!

Do you have a favourite candle scent?

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



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