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I have really been loving the Rose gold tinted jewellery lately. I am aware that I have arrived on the band wagon a bit late, and I haven’t really found many pieces around. I’m usually a silver jewellery type gal, and I rarely step out of that.

These two pieces are quite subtle, and very cheap I have been wearing the bird necklace a lot – I think they’re sparrows. They have both the rose gold tint and a silver colour. You can wear it short, or that bit longer, if it’s how you prefer to wear your necklaces. I don’t usually stick to one length on this, I adjust it to how I think it flatters the outfit best. I think it’s so cute for Spring/Summer. I like to pair or with both plainer tops, but also under collars, so you can slightly see the necklace. I bought this in Tesco and I love Tesco’s jewellery because it’s cheap and they have gorgeous pieces. I live near a huge Tesco so when I’m bored I browse. I can’t remember exactly how much this necklace cost, I’m pretty sure it was between €5-€6.50.

The bracelet, I bought in H&M on sale for €1. Yes, you read that right. I think the original price was €2.99 which is really reasonable. I hardly ever wear bracelets, I just find when layered up for Winter, they’re a bit of a hassle. Now it’s Spring and I’m wearing shorter sleeves, I have been really enjoying wearing bracelets again. This one, I thought was unique, because I never saw a bracelet that had metal “gems” rather than the “diamond” ones. I thought it looked quite edgy and cool. I wear this with loads of different styles of outfits, and I usually pair it with the above necklace. I thought it would be too big for my wrist, but thankfully it went small enough!

I have really been enjoying this trend, even though I’m late! What trends have you been loving?

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



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  1. […] I’m feeling in the mods for something a bit more colourful, I’d go for this rose gold combo . I love the necklace with the birds it’s so cute and stands out against black tops really […]

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