A mini fashion haul

I’m not one for fashion posts, I suck so badly at them! I just can’t seem to photograph it properly or something, but anyway I decided to try!

I went nosying around the sales in our local shopping centre and I got some things from Vila and Tesco

The first thing I got were two pairs of jeggings so nothing too exciting! I’ve had all my trousers like a minimum of a year plus and needed to start replacing some of them that we’re getting a bit worn. I bought these in Vila because really, they have the best jeggings. They were two for €19.95 which was pretty good. I got the black pair because I love black trousers and I got this colour and I’m not sure how to describe it kinda grey or taupey? I dunno. I had a pair like these and they went gorgeous with everything!

Next I bought this biscuit coloured slouchy top. I think she said it was their Lola top. I bought this in Vila and it was €19.95. The material is super soft and it is so comfortable. It’s sheer so a vest underneath is necessary or you’ll be showing the girls to everybody and that is not a good look. It has a cool pattern to it that I can’t really describe. It’s just a beautiful top.

Also in Vila I bought this amazing blazer! It was €24.95 on sale but it is beautiful. I needed lighter jackets to wear for Spring/Summer and this was perfect. It has navy and white stripes on the top half and then block navy on the bottom. It looks. Enter worn open, when it’s closed it just doesn’t suit me. It sits really nicely. It has like a silky type material on the rolled up sleeves. I am looking forward to teaming it up with cute dresses, especially because I live at the seaside!

And finally, the one thing I bought in Tesco were these amazing boots and I got them on sale for €7. Yeah, you couldn’t not buy them for that price! They’re brown leather with a bit of a heel. They have a cowboy feel about them and when I saw them I just fell in love!












Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



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  1. Loving the blazer! It’s so awesome and unique! 😀

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