When we were in Newry recently I was so excited to see the Cupcake f
Fresh Facemask
well stocked in their LUSH. In Dublin, I can never get it, and it’s quite upsetting because I was dying to try it!

So as you can see, the Fresh FaceMasks have smaller tubs, because they’re fresh, duh! They have a shorter use by date than other LUSH masks, or regular ones in general. That’s because they contain fresh ingrediants. This mask contains ingrediants like Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Glycerin, Spearmint & Peppermint Oils and lots more! I like how these masks don’t have a lot of gibberish in the ingredients list, and you can actually understand what they are! It makes putting them on my acne prone skin a lot easier.

This mask claims to be a chocolatey treat for your skin and to soften, tone and cleanse with a lineseed infusion, fresh mint and rhassoul mud Now I am a huge chocolate lover, and if I get to put it on my face as well as in my mouth, I’m happy. In the store this always smell so chocolatey and good. When I first opened this up at home my first reaction was This isn’t as chocolatey as the store I was so disappointed all I wanted to do was inhale the smell of chocolate! Of course I never really read the other ingredients and it confused me as to why this smelled of mint. Yup, I am really that clever!

So the first time I used it the smell was off putting, it didn’t meet my expectations but it did work wonders for my skin! I noticed it cleansed it really deep down and helped to clear up blackheads and blocked pores. This made me glad and not regret buying this.

I’ve used it a lot lately and I still love it, no wonder it’s all sold out! It really lives up to its hype about being the mask to go to when your skin is franking out and breaking out all over the place. My skin has been purging due to using my new Olay ProX and this mask has been a lifesaver Teenagers and acne sufferers alike will love how this mask works! It’s so soothing and calming on your face too, because it’s kept in the fridge.

It has two downturns for me and one is that it looks like poo on your face. Now this is obvious because it’s brown, like chocolate, but my brother doesn’t like it and thinks it looks gross. Secondly, if you don’t rinse your sink out properly after taking this off, it dries and looks like poo in your sink. This happened after the first time I used it because I was exhausted and not paying attention. I’m really gross, I know!

So really I couldn’t stop singing this mask praise, I really love it and hopefully it will become easier for me to get my hands on! Up in Newry, which is Northern Ireland this pot was only £5.95 which is so reasonable, and even when changed with the exchange rate is still cheaper than €’s, result!

I’d like to know what’s your favourite facemask?

Thanks for reading. ’til next post!



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