WetnWild ColorIcon 736 Petal Pusher






I was excited to get this from my dad back from his trip to America. I did look and choose this one from WetnWild as I’ve heard such good things about their eyeshadows! I always stick to neutral colours so this was a nice change, to brighten things up for Spring!

As you can see it’s pretty much a purple palette. All the eyeshadows are shimmery, so this mightn’t be for some people. I think they’re all quite beautiful and the shimmer in them when the light hits is like I’ve never tried before.

It has a guide on the back which you can see in the pictures above and it tells you where each shadow goes and how to mix them to get different looks like flirty and wild. I haven’t rigidly followed this, I’ve just used them how I would any other shadow!

They are quite pigmented which I like, and they are so velvety and super easy to blend so if you wanted a toned down look, it would be easy to achieve. I use a primer, but it does say that they are long lasting anyway. I do notice that they don’t really fade throughout the day so I am so impressed with these shadows.

The two lightest colours at the top are for the browbone and it did say that on the shadow but some I’ve used a lot since getting it and it’s slightly rubbed off. I do prefer the one on the left, it’s a little less purple toned. Then next comes the eyelid and again the one on my left is feeling the love. I feel the left side is more day time look and the right more night time, but that’s probably just me! The colour on the right has a beautiful gold shimmer running through it that you notice when the light hits it, it’s stunning! On to crease and these two colours are perfect crease colours because they just blend so beautifully into the other colours and look quite flawless! The one on the right again has a beautiful hint of shimmer in it, perfect for a nighttime look! And finally definer which you use like an eyeliner. I haven’t used these two colours yet, but they are quite nice and would add a dramatic/wild touch to your look!

I’m to doing it justice in my describing it at all..

Here you can see some of the looks I’ve made with is palette! As you can see I’m no make up artist!




What looks do you like for Spring? Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time!



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