Let’s Exaggerate!




So, as you can see from the pictures above, I’m gonna talk about Rimmel’s Exaggerate Shadow Primer I bought this in Boots when my eye primer from a urban Decay ran out. It’s an alright primer, it’s not the best I’m my opinion.
My eyeshadow lasts quite a bit with this primer, bit not as long as Urban Decays. I notice my eyeliner rubs and I have a line of it towards my brow bone at around 4 or so, so you definitely don’t get the whole day from the primer. That’s annoying because when I do my eye make up, I like to have it done so it doesn’t budge throughout the day, I have to constantly check with this primer though.
It doesn’t exaggerate the colour at all. It does what any other primer does. The colour still fades a wee bit throughout the day.
To apply you rub it into your lids and have to leave it to dry, if you don’t your eyeshadow goes cakey. It happened to me a few times. It soaks in quite quickly
To be honest I’ll use it up but I won’t repurchase it!


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