January – March 2014 Products I’ve Used Up

So it seems like I’ve been using up a lot of products lately and decided to update you guys!

So starting off with make-up surprisingly I have a few products!
Benefits The Porefessional this is a mini sample and I used it for almost two months! I love this product and I most definitely would repurchase it.
Urban Decay Primer Potion this is such an amazing eye primer, my make-up never budged while wearing this. This again, is a smaller size but it lasted from October-February! I can’t wait to get this again!
Rimmel Stay Matte what can I say everyone loves this powder. It’s cheap, stays matte, works all day and doesn’t look cakey whatsoever.
Babylips Peach Kiss These were so worth the hype. I used thus up so quickly because I used it a bajillion times a day! They’re so moisturising, taste good and the hint of colour is nice too!
La Rocha Posay Ceralip When my lips were really dry this was a lifesaver. It’s just white and has no scent really it’s just very moisturising.


Next is hair and basically it’s two dry shampoos. I am a fan of dry shampoo to elongate my time between washes as I do get oily roots. The first is Batistes Original and I think this features in prett much all my empty products posts, I just love it! I hardly ever stray from it. The next is from when I did stray and it’s the Got 2 Be Rockin’ It encore fresh Dry Shampoo this stuff smells so freaking good and works so amazingly. It could easily become my favourite dry shampoo!


Two random products are some Listerine Mouthwash nothing exciting here! It’s just mouthwash. Escada Chery in the Air Perfume is so amazing. It’s super sweet so if you’re not a fan of that you won’t like this. You wear cherries all over you. I most definitely would get this again in a heartbeat!


For skin care there is a tube of Johnsons Oil Balancing Day Fluid this is my favourite day time moisturiser. I think I’ll be sticking to it for a good while. It lasts ages, I’ve had this since early December. It soaks in really quickly and doesn’t leave your skin greasy or shiny, just soft and smooth! To compliment that there is a jar of the Night Fluid which is a bit more moisturising but works basically the same! There’s also the L’OREAL 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution this is really good at removing make up. I don’t think I’d buy it again simply because I love their 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil a lot better!


For my hands I have a tub of Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Pads which smell divine, not like polish remover at all! They make removing polish so effortless, I definitely will be getting these again! I have a mini tube of Cath Kidston’s Rose Hand Cream I adore this sweet rose scent, it’s perfect for this time of year. I won’t say too much about this because it was in my February favourites. I’m just happy I have 2 more tubes!


And finally, for my body I have used up Snow Fairy from LUSH this shower gel is so sweetly scented it’s so amazing! Candy floss and pear drops go so well together. It lathers up amazingly and it’s pink! I can’t wait for next Christmas to get more of this! I have a Sure Roll on Deodrant nothing fancy, just keeping myself odour free! Some Nivea Q10 Firming Body Oil this is good for stretch marks which I have. And lastly, a mini Scrub of a Your Life from Soap & Glory! I adore this scrub so much and I do have the larger tube, this one was just handy to grab!


Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



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  1. Nice post. I enjoy that eye primer too, always works well for me!

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