Top Three Spring Polishes





I know I’ve been away for a while and I know I keep using excuses but I literally have not had a minute to do all the college work I have, let alone think of blog posts! But I promise to post a lot more now, no more excuses.

Since were into March, and the weather has actually been sunny, it’s been very Spring-y. It’s still cold here in Ireland, so nail polishes are always a great way to transition your wardrobe and looks. I have lots of colours that I adore, but I managed to whittle it down to three. I’m not going to talk a whole bunch about them, just a quick over of what I think!

Barry M Mint Green Now Barry M and myself have a love/hate relationship in regards to nail polishes. I love this mint green colour, it’s so fresh and I feel like it goes with most things. It reminds me of the leaves growing back on trees, yeah, I’m weird. Barry M polishes are quite inexpensive. You can build up the colour or have it as sheer as you like. I think it’s just such a beautiful colour!

Essie Pink Diamond I adore pink, it’s my favourite colour! I love it all year round but this is such a gorgeous delicate pink colour, and again it’s easily build able so go as sheer or opaque as you like. It has a little bit of shimmer, but it isn’t laden with it. I think it’s just such a beautiful pink and I need to get more Essie polishes!

Rimmel Sunshine This is the brightest colour of the bunch! A lot of people wouldn’t use such a bright yellow colour but I love using it to add that pop of colour, especially in Spring/Summer! As with Barry M it’s a bit or miss with Rimmel, but this one I adore! These polishes are also inexpensive!

What are your favourite spring colours for your nails?

Thanks for reading..’Til next post!



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