February Powder Pocket

So finally it arrived! I blogged about the first Irish Beauty Box and I ordered one straight away, expecting to get the January box, but I got the February one which I didn’t mind.

This is what it looked like when it came in the post and when I opened it up what was inside the box.



So you can see you get your box, and a magazine which explains the products and has other beauty related stuff inside. When you open the box it’s beautifully wrapped, this month had gold crepe paper tied with black ribbon. Mine looks awful because I tore it open last night and tried to put it back together to show you guys. It also had black straw like stuff when you opened it!



I took all the products out and you can see what I got below!


So beginning with the manicure emery board, I want too excited about this, I have another one from Superdry. It has the four sides, one to file your nails, smooth them, buff them and then lastly to shine them. It is handy especially if you don’t want to wear polish. It has a RRP of €2.50 and you can get them in pharmacies nationwide. Or see http://www.manicare.co.uk



Next is the Shea Shower Cream from the Body a Shop. This is soap free and smells divine. I have a feeling my skin is going to be so soft after using this. I love using different shower gels too, so this is the perfect sample size to try to see if you like it! I do think it’s a generous sized sample and I’m really excited for this. The RRP for a 250ml bottle is €8.95 and available from The Body Shop, or http://www.thebodyshop.ie


So I got a Hair perfume, from Herra which I was confused about. After reading the product description though, it makes sense. It contains sunflower,olive and glycerin extract so it’s good for your hair and it protects your hair against UV, pollution and air conditioning so it helps to lock in moisture. It’s super light and your hair doesn’t feel weighed down whatsoever. You spray it over your hair at arms length and can be reapplied 2-3 hours when needed. It also compliments all perfumes so it’s perfect for everyone! The RRP is €29.50 for the full size. I am excited to try it because it smells so good!



The Shiseido Beneifance Pure Retinol Eye Mask is what I’m least looking forward to. I don’t need anti-wrinkle products just yet, I’m only 19. I’m still going to use this to try it out. I’m not too sure what to say about this, but I don’t think I’d repurchase this, just yet! For a pack of 12 the RRP €63 You can go to http://www.shiseido.ie to check this out.



The Jessica Brilliance Top Coat is what I’m most excited about. As I’ve said numerous times, my nails don’t keep polish, and this promises to speed up drying time, stop smudging, chipping and yellowing. You can get it in other colours too. You apply it before and after polish and the shine it leaves Is beautiful it looks as if you just got them done. It says to top it up every 3-4 days to keep your nails looking fresh and to make your mani last longer. The RRP is €13.95 which is so affordable! You can get it at http://www.frenchbeautyroom.ie or salons and spas!



So what do you guys think?
Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



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