February Favourites 2014


Where has the month gone? February’s gone by so quickly, I blinked and almost missed it. I’ve been in college and sick for most of the month so I wasn’t really using many products, but as you can see above, these are the products I’ve been loving. Let’s dive on in..

Firstly, I think I can say for all the girls in my house, and that’s 5, we have all been loving the Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo and Conditioner it smells good, I was sceptical because I’m not really a fan of honey, I can’t eat it and I’m not mad for the smell of it but it’s amazing. My hair has been stronger, which I’m happy about because the weather has been so bad and my hair has been suffering because of it. My split ends haven’t even been as bad, but then again I haven’t been using heat products either. Anyway, it’s always on sale in Tesco lately so you guys should check it out.


Next, is Fame by Lady Gaga When I got this for Christmas two years ago, I never used it. I literally look it out of its box at the end of January this year to use it. I have lots of perfume, so I always try to rotate them and this one is so lovely. I don’t know why I didn’t use it before. I’m so bad at describing scents it’s sweet, floral, but not overly so it’s brought back ‘down to earth’ with some other scent. It’s just lovely. I spoke about it in my Perfume Collection so you can go check that out there. I’ve used it every day in February and as you can see, I’ve used quite a bit too!


I’ve been loving hand cream and Cath Kidston’s Rose hand cream has been my all time favourite day hand cream this month. As you can see, the bottles on the empty side, but I got a set of three of these in my stocking so I have two more, yay! It’s exactly like roses and it’s so light, it just absorbs into your skin. It doesn’t leave your hands greasy or anything! And the packaging is so beautiful.


For night time hand cream, I’ve been loving Dove’s Regenerating Hand Cream it’s specifically for night time, and you basically apply it before you go to sleep and when you wake up your hands are so soft, smooth and silky. Plus, it’s like pretty much all other Dove products it smells amazing. It contains Vitamin F too, so that’s good!


The MUA Face Brightening Highlighterhas been a staple for my make up this month. I’ve used it everyday since receiving it in the post. I never thought I’d be mad on using highlighters on my face but this one gives you such a natural glow. It’s not too shimmery. I’ve spoke about this in a review so you can read about that!


I’m a huge lip product junkie. I have way too many lip products and I just keep buying more. They’re so addictive! I bought this M&M Lip Smacker when we were in the M&M store in London. It smells just like M&Ms and it’s any chocaholics dream. Although, the scent is super strong, if you’re in a small room, it might be a bit overwhelming for other people. I’ve learned this the hard way. Not everyone appreciates the beauty of chocolate.


They’re Real by Benefit has been a staple on my face this whole month. I’ve just found myself reaching for it every time input on my make up. Next time I need to by mascara I am definitely going to buy the full sized tube of this. I know it’s constantly praised by all beauty bloggers and rightly so. It’s stays put on your face all day long, without smudging or flaking it’s just amazing. That’s enough on that now.


And lastly, although I’ve only used this product in the last week of February it’s my favourite nail polish I’ve had in to very lo time. It’s Mist by Barry M and it’s from the Silk range. I love it so much my boyfriend went and bought me three other shades. It has the coolest effect when it dries and it stayed on my nails for two whole days which never happens for me! I think everyone needs to go and swatch these and there’s a 3 for 2 on in Boots right now, so you can get three for less than €12 what a bargain!


What were your favourites? Thanks for reading! ‘Til next post…



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