MUA Skin Brightening Highlighter -Sunshine







You probably started to look at this post and thought to yourself I’m hardly going to look through all these photos for a load of ramblings! Which as get so I’m glad you stayed 🙂

So, as the name suggests, my review is of the Brightening face Highlighter by MUA. I bought this as part of their sale and it cost me €4.85 which is very inexpensive. You can get it here ; My iPad isn’t let me hyperlink for some reason so that’s annoying,

I’ve never used a highlighter before on my face, only ever on my eyes. I have quite oily skin so I tend to get shiny throughout the day so when I was thinking of using highlighters it really just put me off.

As you can see it says it is Perfect skin enhancer containing light-diffusing particles that deliver instant luminosity to your complexion. it isn’t over shimmery! and it’s actually so delicate (does that make sense?) that it wouldn’t come up In photos. That’s reassuring for people who have trouble with oily skin but want to highlight.

It’s a cream highlighter, and I’ve seen a lot of people using powder highlighters so I was a bit torn when buying but I said I’d give it a go. You can see in the image above its a peachy/goody/slightly bronze colour. I have amazing description skills I know. I think it’s a really beautiful colour and it gives off an amazing natural glow to your face, without you being over shimmery.

As you can also see, I take a tiny dot on three of my fingers, and to apply to my cheekbones I just rub it in wee circles and work it in to my skin. I found if it’s not rubbed in enough you are left with a line of product where it’s dried, so be careful! I’m sure you could use a sponge or a brush, but I haven’t ventured into those waters just yet. It says on the back to pat it into your cheekbones but my wee circles work just fine for me.

I do only use this product on my cheekbones as I have an eye highlighter that I use for my brow bones and my cuspids bow as I like the effect it gives and I’ve been using it for a number of months. I don’t think the two highlighters clash on my face, as I’ve said it looks natural.

Do you guys like highlighters? What ones are your favourites?

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



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