Blue Like the Spring Mornings







Whole browsing in Boots I noticed that hey Barry M stand had their new silk range I had first seen these polishes and fell in love with them on their Twitter where eh announced they’d be available in Superdrug. My heart dropped and I wasn’t expecting to see them in Boots so I was delighted.

All the colours were so beautiful and I couldn’t decide on which to choose so I got a bit of help from my trust helper (my wee brother) and he chose the blue colour, which you can see above is called mist. I’ve had this on my nails for almost a day now and no chips! I am so impressed.

It looks like liquid silk in the bottle and I thought it would stay like that on your nails. The consistency is nice and so is the colour payoff. The colours are so beautiful for Spring/Summer and to brighten up the dull days. I live in Ireland so we get plenty of those.

I used a base oat but when I saw the effect of the polish after it dried I avoided a topcoat, it would have made it look like any other normal polish. After drying it looks like ribbon. It’s so cool. It stays quite matte but it does have a bit of shimmer that you can see in the light but as it’s been dull here, my pictures are not great.

Like I’ve said above I’ve had no chips, which is successful for me and I’ll keep you guys updates on my Instagram which is sarahcasey_ and you can see along my sidebar! about how long it lasts!

I recommend everyone to go swatch these and see how amazing they are!

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post



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