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Okay so after those three billion pictures, let’s get into the taking. I bought this duped for the Naked 2 palette in a local pharmacy for €9.99. My reason was,as you can see in the pictures of my own Naked 2 palette is that my two shades foxy & bootycall are very loved. I use these two colours almost every single time I do my eyes. So pretty much every day since last march. I wanted to find good dupes or copies for these two colours as they’re amazing, but I didn’t want to buy a second Naked 2 just for those colours.

Price ; There is a huge price difference between the two palettes. The In the Buff palette only costs €9.99 which is good value for money. The Naked 2 cost me €38 on a flight but is usually €44 in Debenhams. That’s a whopping €34.01 in the difference!

Packaging ; The packaging on both products is quite similar. The In the Buff palette however, has no mirror, which is a pitfall as I think eyeshadow palettes with mirrors are a lot better. That’s just my opinion though. W7 really ripped off Urban Decay’s packaging on this product. The In the Buff palette, is thicker though. I don’t think you get extra product for he extra thickness.the colour of the packaging is the same and so is the colour of the writing, however, I don’t think the In the Buff writing is exactly like Naked 2

The shadows ; As you can see in swatches, and when the products are side by side the shadows in each palette are identical. I really don’t understand how different companies get away with things like this, but I suppose it makes beauty available for people on a budget. The quality of the shadows however are so different. Naked 2 is so pigmented and smooth, so in swatches/photos that’s only one sweep. In the Buff is so sheer that I had to go over it a few times to get a little bit of colour payoff. In the Buff doesn’t have as shimmery shadows as Naked 2 and when you put them on, they have virtually no shimmer. When I tried to use In the Buff on my eyes the other night it was a disaster. The shadows are so sheer so you do have to layer up a lot for colour payoff and there is a lot of fallout too. They’re very powdery, hard to blend and in my opinion, just not very good eye shadows.

The Brushes ; Okay hands up who forgot to take a side by side pictures of the brushes? Go on Sarah get those hands in the air! As you can see in some of the photos, (I hope?) the brushes are totally different. I adore my Naked 2 brush so much, it’s by far my favourite eye brush ever. Other brush you get with In the Buff has a sponge side, which I find no use when applying the shadows and a flat side which also isn’t great for picking up the colour. Naked 2 wins here.

My Verdict ; I mean looking at In the Buff at the pharmacy I was so excited. The colours were exactly the same as Naked 2 and I though I found a good dupe for foxy & bootycall. When I tried to use it I was so disappointed. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. It has too much fallout, doesn’t blend, no colour payoff and the brushes are crap. For €9.99 it wasn’t a huge loss to me, but for anyone looking for a good Naked 2 dupe don’t look here.

Sorry W7 but I’m sticking to my Urban Decay for the foreseeable future.

Do you guys know any good dupes for Urban Decay? Thanks for reading! ‘Til next post..



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  1. Thanks for going to the trouble of analysing the attempt at dupe. I’d have just got annoyed and chucked it in the bin lol.

    1. I was excited for it, and then just was so let down!

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