I got a bit excited..

So, we don’t get MUA anywhere near me so I decided to order some things from their website. They have a sale on at the minute so you should all check it out! I’m gonna show you a few things I bought…



Great Lips Lip Balm
I’m a sucker for lip products and I adore the love heart sweets so I knew this was for me. It’s a nude colour which is great for everyday wear.




Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tint in the shade Bring it Back
I got this free so of course I’ll five it a go. I’ve never used an eyeshadow tint, or an eye product of this texture so I’m excited. The colour is easily build able perfect for both people who like lighter eyes or those for more dramatic ones.




Mattifying primer
I love trying new primers and if it says mattifying I’m all there cause I’ve got oily skin and anything to keep my shine at bay is a yay for me!



Skin a Brightening Face Highlighter in Sun Shine
I never used a highlighter before, other than one for my eyes so I am excited for is. I’m not sure what to expect from this but it doesn’t look overly shimmery to me which should be a bonus? It’s a lovely peachy/Goldeny shade and I’m not sure if I’m even describing it right!



Maxi moisture Lipstick in Touch Up
Another lip product! This is a beautiful nudey colour with a bit of shimmer. The packaging is classy it looks more expensive than it is. The texture feels beautiful. I’m so impressed with this.





Stippling Brush
I never used a brush like is before so I’m excited to try it. It was cheap and cheerful too. The bristles are soft but I think from feeling it there should be more?



Eyelashes/Brows comb and brush
I needed a brush like this as I lost mine ages ago. It does the job it’s supposed to so I’m happy!



Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



6 responses

  1. dolls house blog | Reply

    This is a great haul! I got the Fashionista lipstick in their sale a while ago and the colour is amazing. It is so pigmented and lasts for ages!!xx

    1. I’m so pleased. The lot was around €22 with postage such bargains! The lip balm and stick are gorgeous I’m impressed because they are so cheap! I’m excited to try the rest out now xxx

      1. dolls house blog

        I was the same, I order a few bits and bobs because they were so cheap. I didn’t expect much but everything I got was amazing – they are a great alternative to the premium brands. Thats such an amazing price for everything you got! I cant wait to hear what you think of them all πŸ™‚ xx

      2. I know! I need a stand close to me! I’ll be addicted to their website. I need to join a shopaholics anonymous or something! That’s so sweet xx

  2. Amazing haul! Very jealous! xo

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