Feeling Clean…

I’ve been using a new face wash, which is Neutrogena’s Visibly Clean Pore & Shine Daily Wash and I love it. I’ve been using it in the morning as I prefer something more mattifying and oil controlling for throughout the day. And let me tell you I’m impressed!


So to use I just wet my face and lather two pumps of the wash in my hands. It has a jelly like consistency so I find it easier to lather it up that way. Then I just go at my face using circular motions. It feels really nice to use and it doesn’t dry out your skin at all, even though it’s removing a lot of the excess oil.


You can really see a difference from day one. My shine was under control until around 4 or 5, which is amazing since I wash my face at 6am! On the bottle it says it removes up to 77% of the extra sebum on your face and it really does!
My pores have been visibly reduced too and this works amazing with Simple ‘s Pore Minimising Cleanser to reduce the look of my pores further! It also cleans really deep down so you can even feel this working.
My skin has been noticeably clearer the past week since starting yo use this product. It has a really fresh scent of tangerines and limes which is so refreshing for waking you, and your skin up in the morning..


I like the packaging, the pump doesn’t give out too much, which I’m glad about because you don’t end up wasting a lot of the product that way.

Well as you can see I love this, but have you ever tried it? Or do you have a different preference?

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



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