It’s Potent Review


As I’ve said a lot before in previous posts, I adore this eye cream. It’s is by far the best sample I’ve received. I got it in a mini Benefit set for Christmas and the tiny pot lasted a whole month!

Whilst in London I decided to buy the bigger pot in London for around Β£23 I think I can’t really remember.

It’s not an extremely thick eye cream, it’s quite thin but that makes it easier to skink into your skin. I use it both morning and night before my facial moisturiser. I use my ring finger, which has the lightest touch, and dab a wee bit on underneath my eye. Basically I dabbed it in until it is spread where I wanted it to and then I take another dab for the rest of my eye area.

It’s really effective for dark under eye circles and around fifteen minutes afterwards you can notice it brightening. It helps with puffiness too.

Before Christmas I never really used an eye cream, but I noticed my dark circles were just getting worse. I was hesitant to try this but since it came in the kit, I decided to go for it. As I said I wasn’t expecting it to last but it did and when I scraped the last teeny bit out I knew I had to buy the full sized product.

I really recommend it and I know it has a price tag but it is so worth it!




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