Wake Me Up For College!


So, I began my Semester 2 in my second year on Monday and already I have my little wake me up kit. This comrises of all skin care products that help me become more of a person and look less like zombie in the early mornings.

So I wake up at 5:50 and I was my face. Usually I like to use a more specific Facewash, to keep oily and shine at bay throughout the day. Usually in the morning I use either my green clay soap which I bought at the Belfast Christmas Market or my Fresh Farmacy from LUSH which is just amazing. These are both fantastic products to use in the morning.


I bought a new Neutrogena face wash on sale and first impressions have been good so I’m happy to try this out this week. It smells so fresh. I’ll also review it too!


After I was my face I usually use my Simple Pore minimising Cleanser on a cotton pad and I’ve been using a new Grape Extract toner from Garnier and I have been loving this too. It’s fresh scent makes it nice to use in the morning to feel fresher.


Next comes moisturiser and I use my Johnsons Light Day cream and my Benefit It’s Potent which works wonders on dark circles and my eyes are so much brighter afterwards.


I scrub my lips with Bubblegum lip scrub.


I use my Butter Yourself body lotion which has a fresh scent and I need to moisturise in the morning. I also use my Sure Ultra Dry Cotton roll on deodorant because it works well.



If I need to use Dry shampoo to refresh my hair a wee bit I use Batiste Original and if I’m using heat styles I use my Guardian Angel heat protectant.



I love using my Hand Food in the morning to smooth my hands


And finally for perfumes swap it up this week I’ll use Escape and Tommy Girl


Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



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