January Favourites

It’s that time of the month again. I didn’t have too many favourites in January as I’ve just been trying to use up products I’ve had. So let’s just dive on in..

I apologise for the photos, the weather is so dull out and they didn’t come out very well!

First up we have Forever Pink from Victorias Secret


This is just such a beautiful scent for day time or evening time. It’s not in your face at all it’s just so beautifully subtle. I adore this.

It’s Potent from Benefit


Since beginning to use this I’ve really noticed the difference with my dark circles. Once again I am in love with this product.

Miracle Insurance from Aussie


This has really brought back the life to the ends of my hair. It’s been stronger and softer with less breakage. Plus it smells fantastic.

The Porefessional from Benefit


I didn’t like this at first but now I love it. My skin has been freaking out lately and this really controls the size of your pores wonderfully. I may need the full sized tube.

Peaked from Illamasqua


I love how natural this looks on your face. Easy to apply, easy to blend it’s a great blush. And it doubles as a lip colour too!

Tan by M.A.C


This pigment gives of such a beautiful colour. It has just the right amount of shimmer. It can be used day or night and a little really goes a long way!

Peach Kiss Baby Lips & M.A.C Creme Cup


For when my lips are drier Baby Lips has been a saviour, with it’s hint of colour and delicious smell you wouldn’t even need a lipstick for during the day! Creme Cup is such a beautiful pink, it’s so girly I really love it. I think this will be a staple lipstick for me.

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time!



6 responses

  1. I’ve always had a hard time finding an eye cream because I haven’t found one that works!

    1. I adore this one, I had a tiny mini sample pot that lasted a month and then I had to get the full sized product. Bobbi Brown is supposed to be amazing but it is very expensive. Also I heard Kiehls have some good ones 🙂

  2. Ohh I really want to try Illamasqua! xox

    1. The blusher is amazing and I’ve heard great things about their other products too! Xxx

      1. Eeek, I’ll let you know if I get anything! xo

      2. Great you should 🙂 xxx

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