It’s that time again…

It’s the time for empties. I’ve been taking these pictures as I’ve been going along because there’s a whole 15 products today! Let’s dive right in…


1 These are 3 wee samples of Soap & Glory’s Genius in a Bottle I didn’t see any effects as three wee sachets weren’t enough to do so.
2 I finally used up my Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Wash I adore this product and will definitely repurchase it in the future.
3 Avon’s Face Perfector this stuff is so good. If have to get it only though because Avon reps are gone from Ireland! It gives the same effects as Benefits the Porefessional but keeps you more matte.
4 a huge 1litre bottle of Listerine What can I say only that I go through so much mouthwash.


5 This little beauty features in all my empties posts and it’s Batistes Original dry shampoo I love,love,love this stuff it’s amazing. The best dry shampoo by far.
6 Hand Maid This antibacterial gel was a saviour in London, I wasn’t aware how dirty I’d feel after going on the tube but this stuff was handy and smells delicious.
7 We’ve got a Sure cotton ultra dry roll on deodorant, nothing too extravagant.
8 This shampoo is amazing for those with oily roots Herbal a Essences Fresh Balance leaves you so clean with no residue whatsoever.


9 this is a mini It’s Potent eye cream. I loved how it really reduced my dark under eyes so I bought the full sized tub.
10 Just another Listerine
11 I adore this toner, it felt as if it went too fast this time though. It’s super soft and gentle and is amazing. It’s the No.7 Soft & Soothed
12 I finally got through the Naked BB Cream will not be repurchasing. I ended up using this only when my primer ran out.


13 BeyoncΓ© Midnight Heat I’m not even sure this is the name. You can look at my perfum collection for that. It’s nice anyway.
14 Santas Lip Scrub Well I’m happy I have bubblegum back. This was okay on scrubbing, excellent on taste.
And finally 15 Hand Maid the best hand cream ever!!

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post



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