Boots Extracts Mango Sugar Scrub*



I’ve reviewed the body butter and shower gel to match this product here Unlike the other two products I’m not mad about this one.

It says it “contains natural scrub particles to intensely exfoliate, leaving skin smooth, bright and feeling rejuvinated” This does not  intensely exfoliate your skin at all. Maybe if you had quite sensitive skin, but not for me! I like my exfolaitors a bit more grittier so I know they’re actually doing their job removing dead skin and making me nice and smooth.It contains shea butter and mango extract. It does smell divine. It really does. It’s so fruity and delicious. It doesn’t really leave my skin as soft as I’d like considering it has shea butter in it.

To use, you apply a handful to your damp skin in the shower, I suggest out of the stream of water because it will just run straight off your body and then buff it in. It doesn’t exfoliate well. It’s really thick, so it’s actually hard to keep it on your hand trying to pour it on your body. Then, after you rinse it off. It’s just no that good as an exfoliator to me. You actually end up wasting more of the product using it than you do on your body.


I’ll use the rest of it up, but I don’t think I’ll bother re-purchasing it.

If you do want to read more about it and try it you can check it out at Boots for 11EURO

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!



3 responses

  1. Too bad! Have you tried using it on dry skin before stepping into the shower? I have an scrub by Tree Hut that works best if you use it just before a shower.

    1. No I’ve never tried it that way but I think I will! I never even thought of that.. Hopefully it works better because it smells divine

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